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Falling Behind in University? Here is what you can do.

Tips to not Fall Behind in University Living abroad as an international student is an exciting ride, no doubt. However, international students are at a higher risk of stress compared to domestic students due to the extra pressures faced when living o...

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Skilled Occupation List - 11th August 2018

SkillSelect Invitation Round Results from 11th August 2018; For applicants in the accounting field, the cut-off point was 80. For applicants in the Engineering field, the cut-off point was 70 industrial, mechanical & production engineers While it...

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5 Fastest Growing Industries in Australia 2019

Top Growing Industries in Australia International students come to Australia looking to jumpstart their career or to start a new one.  With thousands of courses available, there is a lot of career possibilities.  Deciding on which career could be a l...

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

10 Best Paying Jobs in Australia Deciding on what career you want, could be a long and arduous process.  There are different factors that you need to consider: job growth, career advancements, skills, and the most enticing will be salary.  Here are t...

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Most Popular Courses that lead to PR

Most Popular Courses to get PR There are many reasons International students choose to pursue their education in Australia. On top of being one of the top 3 most popular destinations for international students, Australian education also helps its gra...

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SkillSelect - 20th June Invitation Round Results

Skill Occupation List June Here are the Skill Select Invitation Round Results from 20th June 2018. For applicants in the accounting field, the cut-off point was 80. For applicants in the Engineering and I.T. field, the cut-off point was 75. For non-p...

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Top 10 Benefits of Becoming a PR in Australia

The melting pot down under, Australia is an exceptional country to settle down. Ranked by the United Nations as the second-best country in the world for its quality of life in 2015, Australia unceasingly attracts international skilled workers to migr...

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6 Important Things to Remember About Temporary Graduate Visa

6 Tips for Temporary Graduate Student Visa (485 Visa) Popularly known as TR, this visa type allows international students who have recently completed their studies at an Australian educational institution to live, study, and work in Australia. Applic...

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Change in Points for General Skilled Migration Visas

Skill Migration Point System Improvements From 1st July, 2018, the pass and pool marks required to apply for 189, 190, and 489 visas will be 65 points. Here are some of the common questions regarding the changes. What are pass and pool marks? Pass ma...

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Should You Apply for a 485 Visa or Another Student Visa?

485 Visa After the Completion of the Course? After finishing your course, many international students contemplate whether or not they should apply for a 485 Visa, or if it’s better for them to pursue further studies. While it’s always better to consu...

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Can I Change Course As An International Student?

Can an International Student Change a Course As an international student in Australia, choosing a course is a huge decision. Sometimes you arrive, and you realise that your chosen course is not the best option for you. Our guide will help you with yo...

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Gap Courses and Pathways to Bachelor of Nursing in Australia

Bachelor of Nursing July Intake If you’re looking to pursue the Nursing degree here in Australia, chances are you’re trying to apply for a Diploma or Bachelor of Nursing this coming intake. But what happens when you’re one of the unlucky few who don’...

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What Is The International Student Identity Card (ISIC)?

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) If you are a full-time student, the ISIC card is a serious money saver both at home and abroad! Entertainment, food, clothes, travel, the list of discounts is growing every day. The International Student Ide...

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Job Hunting Tips for International Students

Tips for Job Hunting in Australia Applying for jobs is a tedious process. We spend a great amount of time on sending out resumes, waiting, going for interviews or trials and (hopefully) landing the job. So, with his years of hard-earned experience in...

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What Is The New Temporary Skill Shortage Visa Or TSS Visa (SubClass 482)?

Temporary Skill Shortage Visa On March 2018, the Australian Government introduced a new work visa to replace the popular 457 visa – the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa or TSS Visa (Subclass 482). What is the TSS Visa?. The TSS Visa is a visa that permi...

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PTE Academic Voucher

BUY A TOEFL VOUCHER INSTEAD Save Money on PTE Academic Exam Fee with Discount Voucher PTE STOPPED SELLING VOUCHERS IN AUSTRALIA Here everything you need to know about PTE Test; A lot of PTE Academic test takers have been able to save $30 on their tes...

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5 Myths You Might Believe About Student Visa Document Requirements

Students Visa Document Requirements Misconceptions If you've got other friends who are international students from different countries, you might have wondered why their documentary requirements for visa application might be different from yours. Not...

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Why Study Hospitality Management in Australia?

Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management Internationally recognised education: Graduates of hospitality degree in Australia are amongst the highly preferred applicants by the industry, assuring its graduates of competitive advantage. Having a glob...

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5 Things You Should Know About Teaching Degree

Degree in Teaching Courses Still, haven’t figured out whether a future in Teaching & Education is right for you? Here are five things you should know about Primary Teaching & Education that will help you decide; The outcome does not always le...

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4 Requirements You Need to Study in Australia

4 Entry Requirements for International Students in Australia Preparing to study overseas evokes a range of different emotions among aspiring international students. Most individuals feel excitement for the adventure that awaits them at their study de...

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