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Get Your Australian Student Visa 500
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Learn everything you need to know about Australian Student Visa 500
and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

Get Your Australian Student Visa 500 Process Simplified

Learn everything you need to know about Australian Student Visa 500 and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

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Australian Student Visa 500

What is an Australian Student Visa 500?

With a Student Visa (Subclass 500), you can take part in a qualifying course in Australia for as many as five years according to your enrollment. The form of course that you choose will dictate how long you can stay with it in Australia. Keep reading to learn more about the subclass 500 visa.

Student Visa (Subclass 500) Updates

As a temporary measure, Australia has extended work hours for international students with the visa 500 to tackle workplace shortages. Earlier, Australia did not allow international students to work for over 40 hours every two weeks during a course. As per the recent measure, however, Australia allows a person with this visa to work for beyond 40 hours a fortnight in any economic sector during their course.

The aforesaid student visa 500 extension will be in place up to the time Australia makes another announcement related to it. In the absence of the extension, the said number of hours works as a restriction for the student. You may search with the phrase ‘500 visa work restrictions’ on Google for any related government announcement.

What are the eligibility criteria for the Student visa 500?

If you are applying for the student visa (Subclass 500), be sure that you are in line with the following requirements. Please keep the following student visa 500 checklist handy so that you can tick off the relevant boxes as and when you meet each requirement.

If you are applying for the student visa (Subclass 500), be sure that you are in line with the following requirements. Please keep the following student visa 500 checklist handy so that you can tick off the relevant boxes as and when you meet each requirement.

  • Applying for the visa requires you to be of at least 6 years of age or older if you do not take part in a high school student exchange program and you are a student in a school. You must be under:
    • 17 years of age as you start Year 9
    • 18 years of age when you start Year 10
    • 19 years of age while you start Year 11
    • 20 years of age when starting year 12
  • Submitting the application also necessitates you to prove that you are enrolled in an Australian course that is full-time and registered on CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students). To prove it, you must present an offer letter or confirmation of enrollment for the course you want to apply for except for in some situations. Under those circumstances, you could offer one of the following pieces of evidence for your enrollment.
    • If the Australian Government Department of Defence sponsors you, you must present a letter of support.
    • As a high school student exchange program member, you must present an Acceptance Advice of Secondary Exchange Student form.
    • If you are training under an Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade-approved course or registered in a course that is full-time-based, you must submit a letter of support.
    • If you should stay in Australia as a postgraduate research student at the time of your thesis being marked, you must submit a letter that comes from your institution.
  • When you apply for the visa as a person aged less than 18 years, there must be adequate welfare arrangements as you reside in Australia. Will you be 18 years old when you come to Australia? If so, you might not have to produce some of that information.
  • You might have to prove that you have enough skills in English to qualify for this visa. The Department of Home Affairs has a tool that will let you know what information you require to prove it. The tool may show that you need not produce a piece of information when submitting your visa application, but the government is likely to ask you to submit it at any period as it processes the application.

If you should prove your skill in English, you must substantiate that you possess either a particular score in a Department of Home Affairs-approved test or an exemption. The visa requires that you have undergone the examination in the two years before the submission of your application. There is a long list of exemptions available for the test; please check the website of the Department of Home Affairs for further information.

  • The visa requires you to have adequate health insurance as long as you are staying in Australia unless there is an exemption. It means that you must have Overseas Student Health Cover or OSHC coverage from an eligible insurer in Australia if you have no exemption. Check with the Department of Home Affairs for more information about the health insurance requirement.
  • You must have a qualifying visa that is unlike a so-called bridging visa, enforcement visa or criminal justice visa, or apply 28 days into the time:
    • You have been having a dependent diplomatic (temporary) visa, student visa, or special purpose visa
    • The Administrative Appeals Tribunal has notified you that the cancellation of your visa has been reversed

If you lack a qualifying substantive visa, and have ever had that visa after applying for it in the nation while unlawful, you could not apply for the student visa. The possession of many other visas could disqualify you from applying for it; please check the Department of Home Affairs’ website for more details.

  • You must prove that you have enough funds to afford your stay in the nation.
  • You must be a valid temporary entrant in Australia and plan on going back home after your studies here.
  • You must satisfy what the Australian government requires with regard to character. Check with the Department to know what it will take for you to meet that requirement.
  • You must adhere to Australia’s health requirement. To maintain its standards of health, Australia necessitates nearly every applicant to satisfy minimum standards before granting them any form of visa. Meeting this requirement might involve an assessment of your health.
  • The visa requires you to sign the statement confirming that you will consider the laws and lifestyle in Australia with respect.
  • It also necessitates you to not owe any amount of money to the government at the time of your application.
  • The government might not grant you this visa if it had refused or cancelled your visa when you were present in Australia.
  • If granting you the student visa subclass 500 is not in your best interest when you are aged under 18 years, the government might not do so.

Student Visa 500 Processing Time

The processing time varies according to many factors. Australia may process a student visa application in a matter of days or around a year, depending on the course one applies for and some other factors. The accuracy of the visa application and related documentation could also play a part in the student visa 500 processing time that applies to the person. For instance, Australia could not process it when they fail to pay the applicable charge, in which case it would notify them.

How Much is the Cost of the Student Visa 500?

If you are not exempted from paying the subclass 500 visa fee, as the primary applicant, $630 would be the cost for you. There will also be a fee for every single relative who submits an application for this visa with you. A student who cannot complete their Australian course before their original visa expires because of coronavirus disease and who should apply for another student visa, may qualify for a visa fee waiver.

You might need to afford other aspects of visa 500 cost related to biometrics, health checks, and police certificates as well. To calculate how much it will cost you, you could utilise the Department of Home Affairs’ Visa Pricing Estimator too. It is worth noting that the aforesaid tool does not consider those other costs.


Subsequent Entrant Visa 500

Your relatives can apply for a student visa (subsequent entrant) (500) in ImmiAccount, as well. Relatives applying for the visa must satisfy what Australia requires in the way of character and health too.

Visa entitlement

As per the subclass of the parent category visa granted, the visa holder can:
  • live in Australia for up to 2 years as a temporary resident, or
  • live in Australia as an Australian permanent resident.

How the Australian student visa works

The Australian student visa permits eligible foreign nationals to enter Australia for study functions. it's valid for up to five years in line with the student’s entry.

Holders of AN Australian visa for college students can:

Take part in AN eligible course of study
Bring members of the family in Australia
Travel in and out of the country
Carry out paid work for up to forty hours per time period once the course has started.

Do I declare my household member in my scholar visa software even if they don’t journey to Australia with me?
You have to declare your household individuals in your utility even if they don’t have any plans to tour with you to Australia.

Can You Include Your Family Members As You File Your 500 Visa Application?

You can do so, but note that your relative for an Australian student visa is as follows.

  • Your spouse, or
  • The dependent child of you or your partner who is not married and not aged 18 years when you submit your application.

Australia could not grant your relative a student visa if they are aged 18 years or more when it is being finalised. In that case, they should submit another application for another visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the applicant can apply for a Visitor visa. However, visitor visa is not designed for the purpose of remaining in Australia for extended periods to await a migration outcome. Therefore, the applicant must meet all requirements, including the genuine visitor criterion, for the visa to be granted.

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