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Become a chef in Australia

Australia is a country with a rich food culture. Owing to its multi-ethnic population, the country is truly a food paradise. Hence, pursuing a career in cookery and hospitality is a wise choice. This booming industry, not only has plenty of jobs to offer but also opens up entrepreneurship opportunities for international talents. The government of Australia identifies the hospitality industry to be one of the fastest-growing sectors and predicts 16,200 new job openings before 2023. If you are passionate about food and hospitality, there cannot be a better destination than Australia for you to start your career.

Why study cookery in Australia?

World-class courses: Australia offers a variety of courses related to cookery and hospitality. Certificate courses, Diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. Based on your interest and current qualification, you can pick a course and specialize in your favourite area. These courses offer complete hands-on training and are globally recognized. So, you graduate as a well-trained professional. 

Employment opportunities: While you study, you can work up to 40 hours a fortnight. As an aspiring cookery professional, you can find employment in restaurants, clubs, pubs, hotels, resorts, cafes, cafeterias, coffee shops, schools, hospitals, airline catering or shipping line cruises etc. 

Recognition of your previous qualification: If you already hold educational qualifications in cookery and hospitality, Australian universities consider it and appropriately grant credits. This recognition helps you save time by not taking units that you have already studied. 

Post-study work options: On-the-job training and learning are more important for chefs than any other professional. In Australia, you can get a 485 temporary graduate visa after your studies and stay back in the country to work and gain local work experience. 

Permanent migration opportunities: Chef and cook occupations feature in MTTSL and STSOL list which means these skills are in high demand and have bright PR prospects.
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