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PTE Preparation

Tips for PTE exam preparation

  • Whether you choose to attend a PTE coaching centre or study independently, it is essential to maintain consistent effort.
  • There are various online resources available to aid in your preparation.
  • In addition to online resources, you can also utilise coursebooks.
  • It's crucial to start preparing well in advance, instead of waiting until the exam approaches. The earlier you begin, the more likely you will succeed on the exam.

PTE Preparation Timeline

With dedicated practice, it typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to prepare for the PTE exam.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips

  • Whether you choose to enrol in a PTE coaching centre or opt for self-study, maintaining consistent hard work is crucial to your success in the PTE exam.
  • The internet offers numerous resources that can aid in your preparation.
  • Additionally, coursebooks can also be utilised alongside online materials.
  • Waiting until the exam is approaching will only make it more difficult to succeed - beginning your preparation as early as possible will increase your chances of acing the exam.

PTE Preparation Time

It typically requires 4 to 6 weeks of regular practice to prepare for the PTE exam.

What are some ways to prepare for the PTE exam from home?

  • Utilise the resources provided on the official PTE website.
  • Develop a routine of consistently reading books, newspapers, magazines, and academic journals.
  • Participate in online English-speaking communities.
  • Enrol in an online PTE coaching program.

PTE Practice Test

Below are some study materials for PTE preparation that you can utilise when getting ready for the exam.

PTE Study Material 

Below are some study materials for PTE preparation that you can utilise when getting ready for the exam.


If you are self-studying, the official coursebooks can be a useful resource. Here are some official guides that can aid in your preparation:

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic
  • PTE Academic Practice Test Plus - Volume 1
  • Practice Test Plus for Pearson Test of English Academic - Volume 2
  • PTE Academic 79 Plus - Two Full-Length Practice Tests With Answer Keys

Online PTE Practice Test

To access PTE preparation resources online, visit the page and follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Register for a PTE preparation account or sign in to an existing one.
  • Gain access to the online PTE practice resources.

Offline PTE Practice Test

To get a sense of the format and structure of the PTE Academic test, you can download audio files, PDFs, and sample answers and take the full version of the test offline.

PTE Study App

To help with your preparation, you can download the PTE Academic Official Practice App. Here are some benefits of using this application:

  • Detailed explanations of the PTE exam pattern, structure, and scoring.
  • Access to both offline and online practice tests.
  • Preparation suggestions, tips, and a study planner to assist you in tracking your

PTE Practice Test

PTE Reading Practice

Question Type Task Skills Tested Maximum Number of Words
Multiple choice, choosing a single right answer Consider the tone and content of the text, then pick the most appropriate response. Reading Approximately 110 words
Choosing multiple right answers from multiple choices After reading the text, choose one response that best matches its tone or content. Reading Approximately 300 words
Reordering paragraphs Rearrange the boxes that are not in the correct sequence in order. Reading Approximately 150 words
Reading: Fill in the blanks Fill in the blanks of the passage by dragging and dropping the appropriate words. Reading Approximately 80 words
Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks Complete the passage by selecting the appropriate response from the drop-down list to fill in each blank. Reading Approximately 300 words.

PTE Academic Reading Section Preparation Tips

Here are some tips to help you prepare for the PTE Reading Section and perform well in the Multiple-choice - Single answer sub-section:

  • Understand the central idea of the passage and identify relevant keywords to find the correct answer.
  • Carefully read the questions before attempting to answer them and understand what they are asking for.
  • Pay attention to words like "only," "always," "never," and "sometimes" to understand the frequency of the answer choices. Eliminating these options can help you identify the correct answer more easily.
  • There are no negative marks for incorrect answers, so it is better to attempt every question even if you are unsure of the answer.
  • Keep in mind that the information in the passage may not be arranged chronologically. More than half of the answers can be found in the first or last two lines of the passage.
  • Practice paraphrasing answers without altering their meaning. This skill can help you quickly identify the correct answer.

PTE Listening Practice

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Question Type Task Skills Tested Maximum number of words
Summarizing spoken text After listening to the recording, write a summary in 50 to 70 words. Listening and writing 60 to 90 seconds
Multiple choice questions, choose multiple answers Use the tone and content of the recording to answer the MCQ correctly after listening to it. Listening 40 to 90 seconds
Fill in the blanks Use the audio to help fill in the missing blanks in the transcript with the appropriate words. Listening and Writing 30 to 90 seconds
Highlighting the correct summary Use the recording to select the passage that aptly summarises its content. Listening and Reading 30 to 90 seconds
Multiple choice, choosing a single right answer Choose the most appropriate answer based on the tone or content of the audio after listening to it Listening 30 to 60 seconds
Selecting the missing word Select the correct word that completes the recording by listening to it. Listening 20 to 70 seconds
Highlighting the incorrect word Choose the words in the transcript that do not match the actual recording. Listening and Reading 15 to 50 seconds
Writing from dictation Listen to the recording and type out the sentence. Listening and Writing 3 to 5 seconds

PTE Academic Listening Section Preparation Tips

Developing good listening skills requires practice; here are some tips to get started:

  1. Listening Tips - General:
  • Listening to various audio sources like news, podcasts, YouTube videos, and music can help develop active listening. Identifying the parts you don't understand can be a great way to hone your listening skills in those areas.
  • Improve understanding of foreign language films by first watching them with subtitles and then again without - it's a great exercise for improving comprehension
  • Summarise Spoken Test:
  • Your responses should be no more than 70 words long.
  • Begin your sentence with phrases such as 'The speaker said'.

Recognize the main point and pay attention to the repeated words and keywords.

  1. Multiple-choice questions with multiple answers:
  • This component has a negative marking. As a result, pay close attention to it and avoid making wild guesses.
  • Make sure to listen until the end of the audio.
  • Fill in the blanks with the following:
  • It is best to take notes on this section with a notepad.
  • Listen carefully to the audio and determine whether the word comes with or without an article, whether it is singular or plural, and so on.
  • Highlight the correct summary:
  • Recognize the speaker's main point and the idea he or she is conveying.
  • To narrow down your options, use the elimination method.
  • Choose the missing word:

The main concept of the audio must be understood in the first half. You should be able to predict the ending by the second half.

  1. Highlight incorrect  words:
  • This component has a negative marking. As a result, thoroughly review your responses before submitting them.
  • Pay attention when you click on a word because double-clicking it will unselect it.
Write from dictation:
  • Rather than taking notes, try typing your answers directly into the computer. This will save you time.
  • Take care with your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

PTE Speaking and Writing Practice

Question Type Task Skills Tested Maximum Number of Words
Read aloud Read the given out loud. Reading and Speaking Depend on the length of the text
Repeat sentence After listening to the audio, repeat the sentence. Listening and Speaking 15 seconds
Describing the image Describe the images in detail. Speaking 40 seconds
Re-telling lecture Listen to the lecture and retell it in your own words. Listening and speaking 40 seconds.
Answer short questions Listen to the audio and respond to the question in one word. Listening and Speaking 10 seconds
Summarise a written text Read the text and sum it up in one sentence. Reading and writing 10 minutes
Essay Write a 200-300 word essay on the given topic. Writing 20 minutes
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