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Study a Massage Therapy
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Kick-start your Career in Massage Therapy
and get on the Pathway to PR!
Study a Massage Therapy Course in Australia
Kick-start your Career in Massage Therapy and get on the Pathway to PR!

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Massage Therapy Courses for International Students

Certificate or Diploma courses in massage therapy enables you to work at a day spa, resort, beauty clinic, or even start your own massage clinic. Massage therapy courses in Australia generally cover two variants :- Certificate IV and/or a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Both of these can help you upskill yourself on the know-hows of the industry and to bring out the masseuse/entrepreneur in you.

Remedial massage is an increasingly popular form of therapy. More and more professionals, both corporate and sports, are realizing that flaws in their current lifestyle are adversely affecting their physical fitness and health. The need for therapy centres for relaxation is on the rise. This emerging industry has seen an increase in demand for qualified remedial masseurs, with the employment rate expected to grow very strongly. Thus, pursuing courses in Massage Therapy will provide a solid foundation for a diverse career in allied health.

Courses in Massage Therapy: Subjects Overview

I) When pursuing a Certificate IV of Massage Therapy, you will learn:

Practical Components Theoretical Components
Swedish Massage Anatomy & Physiology
Sports Massage Massage History & Origins
Thai Massage Client record keeping
Thermo Therapy Designing a safe effective message environment
Seated Massage Building & running a successful massage business
Pregnancy Massage Professional communications
Special Needs Massage Legal considerations
Reflexology Indication & contraindication for massage

Additionally, You will be expected to learn 6 foundational core modules:

Communication, goal-setting, scope of practice, medical terminology, client screening, record-keeping, ethics, legal considerations, workplace health and safety, and symptomatology of common contraindications are all topics covered in this course. Students also learn how to modify their treatments based on physical changes brought on by pregnancy, handicap, and advanced age.

This module discusses the integration and regulation of the 11 major body systems, as well as the cells and tissues. A thorough understanding of the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of the 63 major muscles that a therapist might treat is necessary for manual therapy. This section covers the bone landmarks in detail. In this subject, you will also learn about nutrition and energy systems.

Learn the necessary techniques and information to stretch the body's major muscles both passively and aggressively. Graduates can now offer customers options for home care while also assisting in harm prevention. The session also discusses how to employ ice and heat (thermal therapies).

Reflexology takes a detour from the previous science-based training and introduces us to an ancient Eastern holistic healing therapy. Reflexology can be used as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other methods.

This is the capstone experience of the course, involving the planning, marketing and providing clinic hours for scheduling massage sessions. It also provides you with the skills needed to start building your own client base.

Learn the skills and knowledge required to provide First Aid response at the scene of an accident until emergency qualified help arrives. This component covers life support, management of casualties and the incident and other First Aid elements.

II) When pursuing a diploma in remedial massage, your course will cover the following modules with a total of 21 units of competency, comprising sixteen core units, and; five elective units, of which: at least one unit must be selected from the Business Management group listed in the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage qualification, And up to four units must be selected from the electives listed in the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage qualification, any endorsed training package or accredited course – these units must be relevant to the work outcome.

Core Units for the Diploma in Remedial Massage include the following:-

1 Establish & Manage Client relationships
2 Perform remedial massage musculoskeletal assessments Work with diverse people
3 Reflect on and improve own professional practice
4 Engage with health professionals and the health system
5 Analyze and respond to client health information
6 Manage the prevention and control of infection
7 Develop massage practice
8 Assess client massage needs
9 Monitor and evaluate remedial massage treatments
10 Manage legal and ethical compliance

Here are the additional elective units:
  • Business Management
  • Undertake small business planning
  • Address the needs of people with chronic disease
  • Conduct advanced taping
  • Adapt remedial massage practice for athletes

Top Universities for Courses in Massage Therapy

Following is a list of Top Universities offering both Certificate IV of Massage Therapy & a Diploma in Remedial Massage. 

Assessments for Massage Therapy Courses

Massage course, include the following:-
I) Hands-on Projects
II) Written Projects
III) Team Projects
IV) Practice hours (only in the case of diploma for Myotherapy)

Name Course Offered Fees(in AUD)
Victoria University, Melbourne Australia Diploma in Remedial Medicine - HLT52015 21,225
The Gordon Institute of TAFE Diploma in Remedial Medicine - HLT52015 21,424
Q Academy (Several campuses) Diploma in Remedial Medicine - HLT52015 21,330
Q Academy (Several campuses) HLT42015 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy 4,100

NOTE: Q Academy has 8 campuses across Australia that provide these courses with slight variations in the fee depending on the campus. Additionally, Q Academy also offers an online variant of the courses in various price ranges.

These fees are indicative for those who are not eligible for government scholarships.
In conclusion, pursuing a career in Massage Therapy can be both fulfilling and impactful. With the growing demand for Massage Therapy professionals in Australia, now is the perfect time to start your journey in this rewarding field.

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