Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590)

Student Guardian Visa 590

Learn everything you need to know about Australia
Student Guardian Visa 590 and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Learn everything you need to know about Australia Student Guardian Visa 590 and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

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Student Guardian Visa 590

What Does the Student Guardian Visa Mean?

The Student Guardian Visa (Subclass 590) usually lets a legal guardian visit Australia to offer support and care for a person with a student visa who is aged less than 18 years. In exceptional situations, however, it allows a legal guardian to do the aforesaid things for a student visa holder aged over 18 years. The visa will not allow you to work in Australia as a parent or another form of a legal guardian, but there are certain things you can do with it. Keep reading to know what the student guardian visa subclass 590 allows, requires and more.


What You Can Do With the 590 Visa?

The student guardian visa allows the legal guardian to:

Come to Australia and care for multiple student visa holders; and,
Pursue an English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students for under 20 hours a week or any other training/study for up to three months.
It is possible to stay in the country with the visa up to the date specified in the letter containing the visa grant number. In determining that date, the Department of Home Affairs typically considers the duration of stay for the person with a student visa or when they become an 18-year-old. Apply for another student guardian visa if you wish to stay longer in Australia.


How Long Does It Take for the Department of Home Affairs to Process 590 Guardian Visa?

The processing time is 23 days for 25% of the visa applications; 46 days for 50% of the applications; 3 months for 75% of the applications; and 5 months for 90% of the applications. Now, these numbers do not tell you the whole story. In other words, the government department may take more time to process your visa application under certain circumstances. An example of that circumstance is the failure to fill the application out properly, but there are other potential cases too.


Student Guardian Visa 590 Requirements

  • If you are aged under 18 years at the time of your application, the Department of Home Affairs is unlikely to grant you the visa if it does not find it in your best interest. As with any other visa, you will have to meet a number of requirements for the student guardian visa subclass 590 as well.
  • Some of the things in the following 590 visa checklist may be generally applicable to all visas in Australia, but there are requirements specific to this one.
  • The Department of Home Affairs has a whole guidelines listing of the whole thing you will require when applying for the visa. We endorse that you study this this data and contact us for help in your application.

Can You Include Your Family in Your 590 Guardian Visa Application?

If any of your family members is yet to turn 6, you could not be granted this visa except if the following applies to you.

  • There exist compassionate and compelling grounds for granting the student guardian visa Subclass 590.
  • Granting it would considerably benefit the association between the government of Australia and a different nation.

The health requirements for the visa are the same for you and your child. The government also requires health insurance as long as you stay in the nation.

You cannot make children aged under 6 years a part of your visa application after its submission. Children aged at least 6 years can accompany you to Australia provided that they apply for a different student visa.


How Much Does the Visa Cost?

It usually costs $630 or more for the primary applicant. There is a separate fee for each relative applying for this visa at the same time as you do. You might have to make payments for police certificates, biometrics and health checks as well. The Visa Pricing Estimator allows you to work out how much the visa will possibly cost you, but bear in mind that it does not account for those other costs.

How Do I Apply for a Student Guardian Visa?

It is a must to apply for the visa six weeks prior to the start of the course of the student, with ImmiAccount. Before applying for the visa, you might have to arrange health exams and prepare all the required documents. The Department of Home Affairs requires the documents proving your:

  • Identity
  • Character
  • Student guardianship status
  • Adequate health insurance status
  • Temporary entrant status
  • Dependent is not older than 6 years
  • Financial capability to meet the expenses and costs of yourself, the family members who accompany you to Australia, and usually the person with the student visa.

Applying for the student guardian visa (subclass 590) requires you to:

  • Be the father or mother of the one with a student visa, the custodian of that student, or a family member of the 21-year-old/older student whom their custodian/parent has nominated in written form. For the visa, a family member must be the student visa holder’s:
    • Parent
    • Step-parent
    • Grandfather
    • Step-grandfather
    • Grandmother
    • Step-grandmother
    • Sibling
    • Step-sibling
    • Uncle
    • Step-uncle
    • Aunt
    • Step-aunt
    • Niece
    • Step-niece
    • Nephew
    • Step-nephew
    • Child
    • Stepchild
    • Partner
  • Be capable of offering the student what they need in the way of accommodation, support and general welfare.
  • Have enough funds to afford your accommodation in Australia as well as the expenses and costs of yourself, the members who accompany you to Australia, and usually the student.
  • To make arrangements that are adequate for the welfare, support and accommodation of any family member who:
    • Does not accompany you to Australia
    • Lacks a student visa
    • Is aged less than 18 years

Will your kids aged between 6 and 18 years live with a 21-year-old or older relative or a different custodian/a parent? If so, the Department of Home Affairs would find you to have made those arrangements for the children.

  • Have and maintain a form of health insurance coverage that would be adequate for your entire stay in the nation should the immigration department grant you this visa. To know what constitutes adequate 590 visa health insurance in Australia, contact any of our migration agents.
  • Be a temporary entrant. When assessing whether or not you plan on staying temporarily in the nation, the Department will consider anything associated with the plan, including your:
    • Personal situation in your native land
    • Prospective situation in Australia
    • Immigration history
  • Satisfy what the Department requires in the way of character and health.
  • Sign the statement assuring that you will follow the Australian laws and respect the Aussie way of life.
  • Have no financial obligation to the government of Australia.
  • Not have held a cancelled visa or a refused application when in Australia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Student Guardian Visa?
It is a visa allowing the legal guardian of an international student to visit Australia to offer welfare, financial support and accommodation for them as they study.

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