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Empowering International Students with Community, Support, and Opportunities for Growth

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Who are We?

Welcome to the Tribe of AECC Pathfinders (T.A.P.), a vibrant community brought to you by AECC Australia, dedicated to enhancing the academic and social journey of international students in Australia. T.A.P. is your home away from home, where cultures converge, friendships flourish, and futures are forged.

Our Mission

Our mission transcends beyond academic support; we are here to unite international students through shared experiences and mutual growth. T.A.P. is committed to:

Helping you find your Tribe: Ensuring you feel a strong sense of belonging from the moment you land.

Building a Robust Support Network: Smoothing your transition and helping you navigate the challenges of student life in a new country.

Encouraging Cultural Exchange: Enriching your educational experience with diverse cultural insights and global perspectives.

Promoting Professional Development: From networking events to career workshops, we're here to boost your professional trajectory.

Roots in the Community: Collaborating with local organizations to ensure you're not just visiting Australia, but truly becoming a part of it.


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Meet Our Team

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