business-page-banner-1-2 2023 PTE Academic Syllabus: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing & Key Topics

PTE Pattern & Syllabus

The PTE test is comprised of the following sections and time allotments:

  • Speaking and Writing Sections (77-93 minutes)
  • Reading Section (32-40 minutes)
  • Listening Section (45-57 minutes)

PTE Speaking and PTE Writing (77 - 93 minutes)

The PTE Speaking and Writing section (77-93 minutes) includes the following tasks:

  • Personal Introduction
  • Reading out loud
  • Repeating Sentences
  • Describing images
  • Re-telling lectures
  • Answering brief questions
  • Summarizing given texts
  • Essay writing

PTE Reading (32 - 40 minutes)

The PTE Reading section (32 - 40 minutes) includes the following tasks:

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice question and answers (choosing a single answer and multiple answers)
  • Rearranging the jumbled sentences

PTE Listening (45 - 57 minutes)

The PTE Listening (45 - 57 minutes) includes the following tasks:

  • The listening section consists of the following:
  • Summarizing the audio content
  • Multiple choice questions and answers (single answer and multiple answers)
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Highlighting the correct summary
  • Choosing the missing word
  • Highlighting the incorrect word
  • Writing from dictation

To undertake a test, these are your steps

  • Comprehension of a prompt - Depending on how long it is, given time should be used to read over and thoroughly understand what is being asked.
  • Preparation for questions - Allocate a span of 10-15 seconds prior to each part of the questioning in order to prepare an adequate response.
  • Delivering answers - Recordings will be made as you record responses through writing, talking, or choosing the correct options.
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