Dream to be Next Philip Cox? Study Architecture in Australia

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Study Architecture in Australia for International Students

Passionate about design and building, have a creative bent of mind? Architecture is a discipline you could pursue. International students pursuing Architecture know some other disciplines as well.

Architecture is a delicate mix of science, art, culture along with some fundamentals of business. Architecture degrees are interlinked to academic subjects like Construction Engineering, Design, and Anthropology etc.

A degree in Architecture will instruct you all about the design. It will tell you how and when to follow it and how you apply yourself given the limitations as well as space. It teaches you about texture, colour, contrast, lighting and other features of the architecture. Students have to observe safety standards and keep an eye on the resources available.

The best Architecture schools in Australia offer in-depth and comprehensive courses. These could be degree programs: Bachelor of Architecture, Masters of Architecture in Australia.

There are short courses that students can avail from different regions of Australia. There are many architecture courses in Melbourne, Sydney and so on. After completion of an Architecture degree, students can work as a licensed Architect. They can also work as an Urban designer, Spatial designer, Landscape Architect, and Construction Engineer.


Bachelors of Architecture

This is a rewarding profession. A Bachelor of Architecture is a stepping stone to becoming a registered architect. It is a diverse field and is an accredited program. It is a foundation to follow your passion further. Students can create sustainable and inspiring built spaces.

The degree program involves a combination of creative and technical skill sets. It covers inspecting shapes and places we populate through constructed buildings and locations. Bachelors of Architecture from Australia equip international students with cutting edge exposure. They get familiarised to content, research and global coverage in this field. This includes real-world projects, putting forth your ideas, their analysis and execution.

It also includes studying in a healthy and challenging environment. This leads to exploring architectural record, the science of building, computer-based modelling.


Course Duration:

3 years full-time



  • Overall IELTS score of 6.0 with no band less than 6.0 (or equal)
  • Qualification equal to the completion of 13 years of schooling in Australia.

- Completion of relevant subjects in senior high school or other similar arrangements


Career outcomes after Bachelors in Architecture

Graduates can aspire for positions in government organisations, private firms, buildings construction companies. Apart from architectural self-practice, property and real estate firms, design companies.

Fees and Scholarship

Fees would be approximately in the range of AUD 30,000 per year. There are scholarships available for selective universities only to deserving candidates.


Masters in Architecture

Masters of Architecture is a few notches above the Bachelors. The course becomes advanced with modules on design and specific technical skills. These are industry significant to the actual practice of this profession. Courses could cover topics from civic structures, housing, building and public spaces. Universities in Australia encourage the creative streak in students. They also help them develop independence and interest in this profession.

Some universities have tie-ups with leading researchers and architects. They can help students advantage from their experience. They also have industry links to help them intern in relevant work spheres.


Course Duration:

Masters of Architecture: 2 years full time



  • Overall IELTS score of 7.0 with no band less than 6.0 (or equal)
  • Completion of Bachelor of Design in Architecture, or a Bachelor of Architecture. Portfolio submission or display of projects. This prerequisite depends from one university to another.


Career outcomes after Masters of Architecture

Architecture graduates can be seen employed in principal design firms in Australia. They are also hired all over the world. They can work across the public, private firms, not for profit sectors. They can also be engaged in residential, commercial, private spaces and construction sites. Some of the other areas they can venture into are:-


  • Design and environment
  • Urban planning
  • Construction and project management work
  • Research work
  • Conservation and restoration
  • Private consultancy

Apart from architecture some of the allied fields to work in are interior design, photography, graphic designing etc.

Fees and Scholarship

Fees would be approximately in the range of AUD 35,000 per year. There are scholarships available for selective universities only to deserving candidates.


Professional accreditation

International students can be professionally accredited on completion of their degree program. A Bachelors in Architecture and Masters in Architecture from Australia is a recognised degree.

It is recognised by the Australian Institute of Architects.

The Commonwealth Association of Architects also accepts it. They can also apply to register with the region's Architect Registration Board. This makes them eligible to pursue a range of design and architecture specific work.

Architecture is a PR pathway course. The Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) enlists this as one the occupations which are in shortage. Many international students in the past have made headway into this profession.

This way they made their PR pathway in the country. With the ANZCO code of 232111, the Australian visa options for Architects are 189 visas, 190 visas. Along with these, there are some more available Employer and State Sponsorship visas.

AECC leads the way in partnering with the best universities in Australia. They collaborate with the top-notch universities in the region. We represent most of the top universities offering Architecture.

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