10+ Reasons to Study Engineering Degree in Australia

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Facts about Engineering Career in Australia

Known for being one of the challenging fields of study, engineering continues to attract hopeful aspirants because of the promising career, financial returns and a chance to make a difference by improving the world. Here are the top reasons why to study Engineering courses:

Quality education: Based on 2018-2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings' Engineering and Technology, Australia has 7 of the top 100 universities for studying engineering. Making Australia a top choice for international students aspiring to become engineers one day. Additionally, Australian degrees and qualifications are internationally recognized, suitable for overseas job prospects.

Contribution: Australia has also a long list of engineer achievements such as bionic ear, plastic disposable syringe, pacemaker and many more. With its advance technology; strong government and private support, everyday innovates are being made and new discoveries are uncovered to improve the world we call home.

Employment prospects: With Australia’s need for more engineers, graduates of engineering courses are able to take advantage of the demand. Engineering degree/qualification holders of Australian education are given priority during recruitment.

Prestige: Renowned for the quality of education, graduates of engineering universities/institutions in Australia are highly regarded for their expertise, in depth trainings and cravings for innovations. Australian Engineering degrees/qualifications are sought after in Australia and abroad.

Financially rewarding: It is not a secret that amongst the entry level positions, engineers are paid higher than others. And as engineers progress towards higher ranks, they are amongst the highly paid.

Constant challenges: Aspiring engineers and professionals have the knack for solving problems and challenges. All throughout the studies and career life, solving problems is part and parcel of an engineers’ daily work life.  This is the same aspiration that motivates and inspires engineering students and professions alike.

Curious minds: Engineers are always discovering new ways to improve lives and assure safety for all. It may be on how to sustain renewable energy, keeping our infrastructures sound, or in making equipment to detect and cure diseases.

Contribution to the society: As the world progress, so as the challenges that our society faces. From steam machines to oil drills to medical equipment to building safety, engineers have made tremendous contributions to the society as we know it. Being part of any project big or small which aims to innovate, transform, sustain and bring hope to humanity is enough reason to take engineering.

Professional Accreditation: Engineers Australia, which celebrating 100th Anniversary in 2019 is the professional association for engineers in Australia and is the responsible for the accreditation of under graduate programs.

Engineers Australia is the trusted accreditation authority for tertiary engineering education in Australia and overseas.

The Australian Engineering Accreditation Center (AEAC) evaluates engineering programs at the levels of Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist and Engineering Associate. All those who completed the accredited program are eligible for membership.

The accreditation from this organization have a good value in overseas countries like the USA, the UK, Hong Kong and other a few countries.

Degrees and courses: International students are able to select courses available being provided by reputable universities and institutions around Australia. A few samples of the degrees and courses are:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering-Honours)
  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics-Honours)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic-Honours)

Course duration: From 6 months to 4 years (full time).

Visa requirements: Here are some of the requirements in securing student visa. Alternatively, you can contact our education counselors for worry free process.

  • a valid passport for the duration of your study in Australia
  • offer letter from the selected university/institution
  • TOEFL test score 78 -93  or IELTS score 6.5 overall (no score below 6.0 in each of the component) *
  • evidence of access to sufficient funds*
  • evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover
  • all other relevant documents listed on the Department of Home Affairs visa checklists.

Professional Year: A program made available for graduates of Engineering courses to bridge the gap from study to employment in Australia, allowing smoother transition and increased employability by providing industry relevant work experience.  Successful completion earns 5 points towards Permanent Residency in Australia.

Future plans: As there is a constant need for engineers in various industries across Australia, engineering related job titles are encouraged to apply for visa sponsorship/migration to Australia. Job titles such as Civil Engineers, Materials Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Plant Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Telecommunications Engineers to name a few are listed consistently in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List (CSOL). We at AECC Global are committed in helping create your personalized pathway to success in your chosen career and in Australia.

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