10 Reasons to Study in Sydney Australia

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Benefits of Studying in Sydney Australia

Sydney, the capital of New South Wales (NSW) is the largest city in Australia. Also, home to the famous world icon, the Opera House, Sydney takes pride in its many achievements as one of the top destinations for international students.

Perfect weather

One of the reasons why international students love Sydney is for its temperate climate equivalent to fantastic summers and mild winters. Students make the most of the perfect weather doing a long list of outdoor activities, whether learning to surf, riding a bicycle or just exploring the city centre, there is plenty of things to do literally under the sun.

History of academic excellence

Home to the oldest university in Australia (The University of Sydney) and also amongst the best universities in the world (Ranked 42nd Globally), the city takes pride in its rich history of academic excellence. Recognised annually in world university rankings, international students can look forward to a rewarding future in education.

Modern facilities

Though the University of Sydney is the oldest universities in Australia, it has the most advanced and modern facilities. International students can take advantage of the developed facilities and resources in pursuit of their dream education.

Internationally recognized courses and qualifications

Under the strict supervision of the Australian government, all degrees and courses are of high international standards. Constantly being monitored and upgraded, it is accepted worldwide and is regarded due to its excellence.

Iconic landmarks

It is one of the reasons, students are fascinated to study in Sydney.  Australian landmarks are globally recognized, such as Opera House, Royal Botanical, Blue Mountain, Bondi beach and many more attractions. Hardworking students need a break and appreciate the beauty around them. Sydney is known for its superb landscapes, fine beaches and majestic mountains, nature’s work of wonders.

Events for everyone

There is always happening in Sydney. Events big and small, sporting or musical, it bonds the city together for everyone to have a good time. Best of all, there are also plenty to free events. A perfect opportunity for international students to mingle and make friends. After all, the more the better.

Cultural diversity

Unity in diversity, Sydney is a melting pot of world cultures. Home to hundreds of individuals from different cultural background, the city’s friendly atmosphere welcomes everyone adding to its vibrancy and colours. This also includes the gastronomic adventure locals and visitors are treated with. From the far shores of Africa, the Americas and Asia, unique and exotic culinary waits those daring tastebuds.

Gateway to Australia

As the largest city in Australia, Sydney is well-connected to the other parts of continental Australia. Either you take a flight, train, bus or go on a road trip, it will be equally exciting, letting you immerse in the authentic Aussie culture.

Public transportation

The city’s vast public transport system makes it convenient and easy for students to get around the city centre, suburbs and surrounding areas like Blue Mountain or Newcastle. This includes trains, trams, buses and ferries. Sydney’s Opal card is required when travelling using the public transport system.

Valuable help and resources

Being an international student, you are not restricted to seek help only from the university. The local government of New South Wales, non-government organisations and charitable organisations offering assistance to international students in various issues like work, health, studies, sports and many more.

For your study options, AECC is committed to providing end to end and hassle-free service. Representing more than 100 universities and education providers in Australia, we are updated with current procedures and trends relating to the education industry, including new courses and available scholarships.


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