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5 Fastest Growing Industries in Australia 2019

Top Growing Industries in Australia International students come to Australia looking to jumpstart their career or to start a new one.  With thousands of courses available, there is a lot of career possibilities.  Deciding on which career could be a l...

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Best Australian universities for Psychology: Top Psychology Universities

Best Universities for Psychology Degree Psychology is a field which studies the human mind and all aspects that come within that orbit. A course in Psychology deals with understanding individuals and their behaviour.  It studies the human stages and ...

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Business Analytics program to advance your career

Specialised Degrees in Business Analytics Big data and big business go hand in hand in a world that is experiencing a data revolution at a swift pace. Skilled individuals can generate value from the data sources. They are in demand across the world l...

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Best Universities Offering Top STEM Degrees in Australia

Best Universities Offering Top STEM Degrees in Australia Did you know? In STEM, Engineering is the #1 major chosen by students who want to pursue a career in STEM. Students who have studied STEM-related programs are earning 26% more than other studen...

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6 Points to Know for Every International Student in Australia

Key things to Know for International Student in Australia Welcome to Australia, the fourth happiest country in the world! You probably have an itinerary in mind already on where to go and what to do. Learn how you can adjust quickly in the unique and...

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Why Study Hospitality Management in Australia?

Benefits of Studying Hospitality Management Internationally recognised education: Graduates of hospitality degree in Australia are amongst the highly preferred applicants by the industry, assuring its graduates of competitive advantage. Having a glob...

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Digital Transformation Leading to High Demand for IT Job

Demand for ICT Jobs in Australia Information technology has significantly changed and is continuously changing every day. We are informed and connected with what is happening with the rest of the world at the palms of our hands, truly remarkable. Che...

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5 Job Hunting Tips for International Graduates to Get Hired Immediately

Job Hunting Tips for International Students As a new graduate, venturing in the job market can be a daunting ordeal but it can also lead you to your dream career. We’ve listed 5 actionable job searching tips that will help you gain the advantage. Rem...

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10 Reasons to Study in Brisbane Australia

Study in Brisbane International Students Brisbane, Australia’s New World city, offers world ranking universities, lots of sunshine and learning journey like no other. Fantastic weather Brisbane, the capital of the Queensland, also dubbed as the Sunsh...

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Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia? Thousands of international students continue to flock to Australia to study different courses. One of them is commercial cookery. That begs the question, why study commercial cookery in Australia? Here are f...

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Falling Behind in University? Here is what you can do.

Tips to not Fall Behind in University Living abroad as an international student is an exciting ride, no doubt. However, international students are at a higher risk of stress compared to domestic students due to the extra pressures faced when living o...

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10+ Reasons to Study Engineering Degree in Australia

Facts about Engineering Career in Australia Known for being one of the challenging fields of study, engineering continues to attract hopeful aspirants because of the promising career, financial returns and a chance to make a difference by improving t...

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Top Occupations in ACT

Top Jobs in Australian Capital Territory The cluster of most of the educational institutions in Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is within Canberra which is also the capital of Australia. Canberra is held in high esteem as it caters to a world-clas...

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Agriculture degree in Australia: Consistently Growing Industry in Australia

Agriculture Degree for International Students The challenges of the 21st century are innumerable. One of the major ones is those related to environmental changes. Linked to this is sustainable food production. These global challenges can address by s...

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What Is The International Student Identity Card (ISIC)?

International Student Identity Card (ISIC) If you are a full-time student, the ISIC card is a serious money saver both at home and abroad! Entertainment, food, clothes, travel, the list of discounts is growing every day. The International Student Ide...

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Should You Apply for a 485 Visa or Another Student Visa?

485 Visa After the Completion of the Course? After finishing your course, many international students contemplate whether or not they should apply for a 485 Visa, or if it’s better for them to pursue further studies. While it’s always better to consu...

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Ten Reasons to Study in Melbourne

Reasons to Study in Melbourne for International Students Best city in the world Named as the most liveable city in the world for 6th consecutive times, Melbourne boasts its successes attributed to its stability, healthcare, culture, environment, educ...

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7 Reasons Why International Students Love to Study in Melbourne

Why Study in Melbourne Australia? Being hailed as the “Most Liveable City” in the world for 6th consecutive times, it is easy to fall in love with the city of Melbourne. Read the 7 Reasons Why International Students Love to Study in Melbourne and you...

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Dream to be Next Philip Cox? Study Architecture in Australia

Study Architecture in Australia for International Students Passionate about design and building, have a creative bent of mind? Architecture is a discipline you could pursue. International students pursuing Architecture know some other disciplines as ...

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Top 6 reasons to study in Perth for International students

Top 6 reasons to study in Perth for International students Feel welcomed in Perth. A city that you wouldn’t want to miss. Looking for the best study journey in Perth? Well, look no further, because we have put together everything that you need to get...

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