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Best Universities Offering Top STEM Degrees in Australia

Best Universities Offering Top STEM Degrees in Australia Did you know? In STEM, Engineering is the #1 major chosen by students who want to pursue a career in STEM. Students who have studied STEM-related programs are earning 26% more than other studen...

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Skills Occupation List Update -11 March 2019

New Skilled Occupation List of Australia 2019 The Department of Home Affairs recently released the changes that were made for various visas on 11 March 2019. Here are the key changes: MLTSSL: 36 occupations added (from 176 to 212 occupations)STSOL: R...

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5 Myths You Might Believe About Student Visa Document Requirements

Students Visa Document Requirements Misconceptions If you've got other friends who are international students from different countries, you might have wondered why their documentary requirements for visa application might be different from yours. Not...

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) - Latest updates for international students in Australia

What’s new?  Information on the StudyPerth Crisis Relief initiativeFinancial support for international students in VictoriaRed Cross’ announcement of plans to support temporary visa holders in Australia.Temporary visa holders can now apply for e...

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5 Most Important Things to Remember as an International Student in Australia

Australia is home to some of the world's best universities. Therefore, Australia is considered an educational centre for all international students seeking higher education. If you are looking forward to studying in Australia as an international student, you probably would know the above-mentioned facts. What you probably do not know is a set of fa...

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Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia? Thousands of international students continue to flock to Australia to study different courses. One of them is commercial cookery. That begs the question, why study commercial cookery in Australia? Here are f...

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Top job ready courses in Australia for international students

If you have been in Australia for quite some time now, you must be aware that higher education choices that Australia offers are plentiful and diverse. In Australia, you have classic higher study choices like Engineering, Medicine, Business Managemen...

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Careers of Tomorrow: Becoming a Psychologist in Australia

Psychology as a discipline is an allied science.  It deals in probing into human mental behaviour. It is science that assesses people behaviour and their cognitive characteristics. It also studies the various external and internal factors that d...

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4 Requirements You Need to Study in Australia

4 Entry Requirements for International Students in Australia Preparing to study overseas evokes a range of different emotions among aspiring international students. Most individuals feel excitement for the adventure that awaits them at their study de...

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Why studying Psychology in Australia will be the best decision

Psychology is a fascinating field of study that explores the human mind and behavior and applies the learning for the betterment of humanity. Apart from being an interesting and intellectually stimulating area of study, it’s scope cannot be restricte...

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Should You Apply for a 485 Visa or Another Student Visa?

485 Visa After the Completion of the Course? After finishing your course, many international students contemplate whether or not they should apply for a 485 Visa, or if it’s better for them to pursue further studies. While it’s always better to consu...

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7 Australian Scholarships for Singapore students in 2020

Singapore is one of the countries in Asia from where thousands of students go to Australia every year for higher studies. In 2019, around 8000 students were enrolled to study in Australia. It is due to the fact that the benefits of a degree from Aust...

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Business Analytics program to advance your career

Specialised Degrees in Business Analytics Big data and big business go hand in hand in a world that is experiencing a data revolution at a swift pace. Skilled individuals can generate value from the data sources. They are in demand across the world l...

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Top 7 universities in Australia to study Business 

Australia is one of the dream study destinations for international students who aspire to study a business degree with global recognition. Australia has some of the finest universities in the world for business education post which many gates for glo...

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Top 6 reasons to study in Perth for International students

Top 6 reasons to study in Perth for International students Feel welcomed in Perth. A city that you wouldn’t want to miss. Looking for the best study journey in Perth? Well, look no further, because we have put together everything that you need to get...

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Why it is the right time for a career in Cybersecurity

Why it is the right time for a Career in Cybersecurity Cyber Security is in heavy demand.  Cybersecurity specialists are the need of the hour, with cybercrime rampant among many organizations- business and government, private and public bodies alike....

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Benefits of studying Master of Social work in Australia

Benefits of studying Master of Social work in Australia In this blog, you will learn an overview of MSW program in Australia why international students make the best social workershow MSW degree is a pathway for Permanent Residence in Australia ...

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Top scholarships for international students in Australia 2020

The international student data released by the government of Australia in April 2020 features an interesting fact. In the period between January to April this year, more than 6 lakh international students have enrolled themselves to study in Australi...

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Best Australian universities for Psychology: Top Psychology Universities

Best Universities for Psychology Degree Psychology is a field which studies the human mind and all aspects that come within that orbit. A course in Psychology deals with understanding individuals and their behaviour.  It studies the human stages...

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What International Students Should Know About Tax Return in Australia

With the option of working while studying in Australia comes the duty of paying income taxes for international students. It is usually a must to pay tax on the income that you earn when in Australia if it is more than the $18,200 threshold. However, almost every international student working in Australia can claim an income tax refund as the financ...

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