Top 6 reasons to study in Perth for International students

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Top 6 reasons to study in Perth for International students

Feel welcomed in Perth. A city that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Looking for the best study journey in Perth? Well, look no further, because we have put together everything that you need to get started!
Perth is a modern city with a rustic charm; relaxed yet bustling with activity. Yup! There are loads of cool stuff to do and places to see and experience such as King’s Park and the Perth Cultural Center. The Swan River creates a stunning contrast against the skyline of city high rises. You could take a quick train to Fremantle, to check out the fashion, the unique and eclectic shopping, the original artworks, quirky gifts and so on. 
You don’t want to miss the Army Museum of Western Australia! You’d find several galleries that reflect the Army's involvement and the military service of Western Australians. In addition, to beat the heat you can enjoy a swim at the beautiful Bathers Beach - WA's first licensed beach area.
Perth is the capital of Western Australia (WA) and has been ranked consistently in the ‘top ten of the world’s most liveable cities since 2004. As of 2010, Perth's global presence in the world has led to its recognition as a ‘Beta world city’ by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network. It is also rapidly growing in lifestyle, population and economic prosperity.
All the above combined add to Perth’s appeal for students looking to study at places that are safe, comfortable and full of unique enriching experiences.
So, why study in Perth?
Perth is widely considered as the ‘Education City’ of Australia and is the ideal study destination for international students pursuing STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
Universities in Australia are strong in research, excelling in areas such as education and science. This makes Perth a great choice for international students — whether you want to learn from the best in a coursework degree or if you plan on undertaking your own research.
You might also find Perth's time zone alignment more inclusive in maintaining contact with friends and family back home with time difference 2 and a half-hour difference and catching up is pretty easy (Perth is ahead of India).
And if you have a sudden desire to meet your friends or family, guess what? The approximate cost of the flight tickets is relatively low from Perth to India, which is AUD 15,447 compared to the cost from Melbourne to India which comes up to AUD 45,600. 
But that’s not all, here are some other cool reasons why you should choose Perth as your study destination. 
1. Cost of living:
Do you wish to invest in your future? Saving up is a good solution. There are some great ways you can save money while living in Perth. Compared to the other major cities in Australia, the cost of living in Perth is comparatively low with respect to accommodation, and transportation. 
International students are entitled to approximately 40 percent of discount on all public transportation within the city’s centre. 
A comparison between the rental cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Melbourne vs Perth shows a difference of about 14%, with Perth being a more affordable place for students to live in.
Here are a few options to research your accommodation and
2. Culture and Lifestyle:
Perth is well known for its cultural diversity and you will never be made to feel out of place. 
Curtin University states that the multicultural environment in Perth plays a vital role in helping a student grow in both their personal and professional areas.
It may surprise you to learn that Perth offers a blended urban lifestyle with a relaxed suburban pace. The city often comes alive with a spectacular mix of music, theatre, comedy, dance and the visual arts.
3. Warm and Sunny: 
It’s not just the people of Perth who are warm, it's also their climate! Perth has the most hours of sunshine than any other Australian state capital. The first thing you’ll want to consider exploring is one of Perth's many beautiful beaches with white sandy shores. 
You can expect a Mediterranean style climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters.
4. Food, Fun and Festivals:
Perth is a cultural hub for fun and entertainment. There are heaps of festivals and exhibitions that can be enjoyed even if you are living on a shoestring budget
The city’s multicultural mix is most evident in its food, which caters to all kinds of tastes. And if you are homesick, you can always find a restaurant serving some of your favourite dishes from back home.
You can also taste a tonne of dishes from various nations, all in one place! Challenge your taste buds with Perth’s best meat pie! And who doesn’t like Duck Tacos, some Japanese black cod miso, Cheesy Italian sausage pizza, Chinese steamed dumplings, or challenge your threshold for spicy food with Indian curries? As you can see, there is something for everybody in Perth.
One of the most exciting aspects of Perth is their festive seasons. Perths’ many festivals are as diverse as the city itself. There is the Fringe Festival, the Fremantle Street Arts Festival, the Perth Comedy Festival and many more! These festivals are an opportunity to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer with good music, great food, street performances and so much more!
5. Part-time work:  
As a student, you’ll always need a bit of extra cash. Working part-time will give you the opportunity to earn that extra cash while also being a part of the community and experiencing Perth’s way of life. Finding a job that relates to your field of study would be even better. Visit one of the below job-search sites to find a job that best suits you.

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A student visa will allow you to dive into the opportunity to work part-time for up to 40 hours per fortnight. There are lots of part-time job opportunities in the areas of communication, administration, hospitality, retail and tourism. Go get ‘em mate!
6. Land of beauty:  
Here’s a fun fact: it’s almost impossible to get bored living in Perth. Touring city outskirts is an activity that you simply cannot miss out on! Explore the north coast and experience the thrill of sandboarding on the endless snow-white sand dunes in Lancelin. This way you can experience the breathtaking nature that WA has to offer.
Unlock your adventurous side and experience Rottnest Island at its best! Use pedal power to get around to see the beautiful sights of this beautiful Island. Enjoy a picnic with your friends and visit Penguin Island Discovery Center to watch the little penguins waddle up close with a backdrop of the gorgeous coastline and marine scenery. It is literally the perfect place to relax amidst nature. 
Tick off that bucket list by interacting with friendly wild dolphins at Monkey Mia, dive in and swim with the largest fish in the world (the whale shark) at Ningaloo Reef, climb the towering Karri forests of the South West. It doesn’t stop here. Make that list longer and get ticking, as you explore more and more every day!
Institutions to study in Perth for International students: 
Perth encompasses a wide range of educational institutions of great reputation. Your preferences can certainly be met considering the various courses to pick from.
Australia’s approach to education teaches students the ability to think cognitively and explore opportunities.
Perth is an alias hub for research as well. As a student, you will have the chance to delve deeper into a particular subject.
The government universities, local TAFEs and private colleges are globally renowned.
Here are a few great ones! 
Curtin University
Curtin University, with its strong industry connections, is the most sought-after University in Perth, with a variety of high-impact research andinnovative courses.
Curtin University also embraces Western Australia’s State-wide STEM skills strategy which aims to ensure that the next generation is well equipped to participate in the region’s future workforce.
Edith Cowan University
The University has achieved a five-star rating for teaching quality for 13 straight years, they are the only public university in Australia to have achieved such a consistently high endorsement.
ECU has the oldest and most popular Education faculty, the largest Nursing program in Western Australia and a growing reputation in Engineering and IT.
Central Queensland University
CQ University's expansive presence in Western Australia provides more opportunities for international studentsthrough a range of preparatory, bachelor and postgraduate courses designed specifically to meet industry demands, unique to WA at their Perth campus.
TAFE Western Australia
TAFE stands for​ Technical and Further Education. It offers high quality nationally recognised courses for international students and is government backed and guaranteed. Students can choose from more than 135 courses to study at locations throughout metropolitan Perth and regional Western Australia.
Private colleges:
The campus of IIBT is located in the inner-city precinct of Victoria Park, right on the banks of the magical Swan River. The University is surrounded by a vibrant social hub with local food joints, shopping spots, quick access to essential services post offices, banks, money exchangers, chemists, and clinics. It is also a place where students can participate in a variety of social activities.   
IIBT offers higher education diplomas and vocational certificates, focusing on successfully preparing the students for the university’s academic standards.
Scholarships for studying in regional Australia: 
Working hard to reduce your costs? Scholarships may be the answer!
The Australian Government is opening its doors to skilled and talented migrants. With almost 47,000 job vacancies existing in regional Australia, they aim to bolster the workforce and equip rural areas with vital resources. 
This initiative helps international students study, work and live in regional Australia, where they can progress in their studies and careers while enjoying an excellent quality of life.
Over 1000 scholarships of $15,000 will be offered per year to support the study and living expenses. For instance, if you are to pursue studying a Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualification, at the regional campus of an eligible tertiary education provider, you will be provided with the right type of scholarships. These scholarships are available only for students who choose to study at universities in Regional Australia. 
Speak to one of our expert education consultants for scholarship advice.
At AECC Global, it is our responsibility to help aspiring international students. We do this by providing accurate and ethical counselling, guiding them towards their future goals. We help international students sort their Australian study options while taking into account their personal circumstances and goals.
Book your free consultation today, and get started on a future that you can look forward to!

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