Everything you should know about studying in Regional Australia

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Benefits studying in Regional Australia

Consider studying in regional Australia? Here is information no one will tell you.
Planning to explore various aspects of studying in regional areas? Then you can probably imagine yourself studying in an iconic capital city like Perth, and Canberra.
Here are some great reasons why you should consider studying in Australia.

Top 5 benefits of studying in regional Australia:

  • Excellence in education
  • Employment opportunities
  • Lifestyle, and Culture
  • Pleasant Academic Atmosphere
  • Explore the ‘Real Australia’

Excellence in education:
When you study in regional Australia you will have a wonderful opportunity to pursue an excellent education from leading institutions. The education system in Australia has gained a reputation by owing its international standards. The education system in Australia emphasizes practical skills development instead of rote learning. Students also enjoy global education experience while studying at regional universities.

Employment opportunities:
Employment in creative industries is growing in regional Australia. This industry has an important presence in some smaller and more remote indigenous communities where there is an opportunity to build on growing international and domestic demand for indigenous art.
Since 2017, Internet vacancies have been growing faster in regional Australia compared to capital cities, and in January 2019 there were 42,000 vacancies outside the mainland state capitals, across a range of occupation and skill levels.

DAMA (Designated Area Migration Agreements) introduced by the government which provides the employers in the regional areas more access to high-skilled foreign workers. In the regional areas, the government is also working to create more job opportunities.

Lifestyle, and Culture:
The lifestyle in the cities of regional Australia is calm and relaxing. Just imagine going for a walk with your friends in the spare time between your classes. Regional cities also have the same facilities that you will find in the big cities from health care, cinemas to shopping centres so you can be sure to find everything you need.

Pleasant Academic Atmosphere:
Regional universities are the best places to experience Australia’s natural environment. The universities have a cosy campus. They also provide a great learning environment for the students. The campuses are smaller which means that there is a real community feeling and it is easier to meet and get to know people within the campus.

Explore the ‘Real Australia’:
The best places to really explore Australia’s natural environment out of the city are the regional campuses. Students will have a chance to get to know the country and take up the amazing lifestyle opportunities that it offers.

Best regional areas and universities to study in regional Australia:
The Gold Coast:
In Australia, The Gold Coast is one of the largest and more appealing cities to live in. The city has some of the best beaches and great nightlife for students. The cost of living is relatively cheap compared to other major cities. The Gold Coast also has the largest number of universities, vocational and trade courses of any regional city.

As a decent-sized city, The Gold Coast has ample opportunities for students in industries such as construction and health services.

Southern Cross University – Gold Coast
Why study in SCU?

  • SCU is a progressive, young and connected regional research university that has outstanding research achievements well above world standard in many key areas including nursing and engineering
  • SCU is a community-minded university that focuses on delivering real-life value and endless support to its students. SCU is ranked as #1 in Australia for international support

Gold Coast Campus:
SCU’s Gold Coast campus is located at Coolangatta, just 400 metres from North Kirra Beach, and adjacent to the Gold Coast Airport. The views of the Pacific Ocean can be seen from many vantage points from the campus buildings.

Laboratories for occupational therapy students, the public Southern Cross University Health Clinic, Clinical laboratories for nursing, midwifery, and physiology, anatomy and biomechanics laboratories are also located at the campus. The university offers degrees in arts, nursing, midwifery, occupational therapy, podiatry and pedorthics, psychological science, speech pathology, social science and social welfare, business, education, information technology, law and tourism.

Perth is the largest city in Australia to be classified as a regional area and also a lovely river city that is relaxed. Perth has been internationally recognised for its high quality of living and has been consistently listed as one of the world’s top ten most liveable cities since 2004.

The opportunities for the students are quite large compared to many different regional areas in Australia. Perth is also considered as the fourth biggest city in Australia.

Edith Cowan University – Perth
Why study in ECU?

  • The University has achieved a five-star rating for teaching quality for 13 straight years, they are the only public university in Australia to have achieved such a consistently high endorsement.
  • ECU has the oldest and most popular Education faculty, the largest Nursing program in Western Australia and a growing reputation in Engineering and IT.

Ballarat is Victoria’s largest inland city located 110km northwest of Melbourne. The city has a mix of established residential and greenfield areas, with a number of historic streets and houses in the central part of the city.

Ballarat has thriving tourism, art and culture. Also, strongly influenced by its gold rush history, which sets it apart from other regional cities.

Federation University – Ballarat

  • Federation University is a regional university that focuses on delivering high quality and personalised teaching for its students, their personalised learning approach in a supportive environment allows our students to communicate easily with academic staff and other students. Class sizes in the university are also smaller than most metropolitan institutions, meaning you can receive one-to-one assistance directly from your lecturer or tutor.
  • The university is also offering an international Student Accommodation Scholarships for students commencing in S1 and S2 2020 in their regional campuses.

Benefits of post-study work visa for the students:

  • An additional year of post-study work visa was the announcement made by the Australian government for the international students studying at cities and major regional centres like Perth, Gold Coast, Canberra etc. The visa allows students to stay in Australia after completing their studies for working full-time.
  • In 2017, 350,472 international students were studying in Australia for higher education. Currently, the post-study work visa in Australia, which is called Temporary Graduate Visa, offers 2 to 4 years of stay back, study and work in Australia benefits the graduates. International students studying at regional universities will also be eligible to access an additional 2 years in Australia on a post-study work visa.
  • Main reasons for international students to study in regional areas is the benefit of getting 5 extra points. These extra points can be vital when applying for your permanent residence.
  • The Australian government’s special scholarship program provides $15,000 per year to the students.
  • Key benefits of studying in a regional area are that class sizes are smaller compared to cities. So, students get a personalised education and it’s quite easy to build a relationship with their teachers and lecturers.
  • Access to the dedicated 25,000 regional places, and priority processing of regional visas, and the Regional Occupations List.

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