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Overseas Students Health Cover in Australia

Australia is one of the countries with a robust public healthcare system. The system has two components to it, the public healthcare system ‘Medicare’ and the private healthcare system. Medicare benefits all Australian citizens and most permanent res...

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COVID19 relief assistance for international students in Victoria

Being home to thousands of international students and many prestigious educational institutions, Victoria has responded to the pandemic situation aptly by rolling out various support programs to Victorians and international students. These programs, ...

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Red Cross support for international students and temporary visa holders in Australia

For international students and migrants on their temporary visa in Australia, the latest announcement from the Red Cross is certainly a relief. On Saturday, the humanitarian organization published on their website that the government of Australia is ...

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The Most FAQs on the 5 visa changes by the Morrison Government

Introduction It has definitely been a few good weeks for international students so far, with the 5 visa changes introduced by the Morrison Government. However, some of you may still have some questions. In order to give you more clarity on the situat...

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Job Hunting Tips for International Students

Tips for Job Hunting in Australia Applying for jobs is a tedious process. We spend a great amount of time on sending out resumes, waiting, going for interviews or trials and (hopefully) landing the job. So, with his years of hard-earned experience in...

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Accommodation options for international students in Australia

If you are an international student moving to Australia for studies, the very thought of finding accommodation may be unnerving at first. You might have many questions on your mind about the cost, location, facilities, comfort etc. The ground reality...

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Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Australian University Scholarships for International Students Australian universities have a world ranking.  They are consistently scaling higher up each year. It is the preferred destination for international students.  They find this as a suitable ...

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Credit cards for international students in Australia

Credit Card comes handy when you need some cash for quick expenses. If you have good financial discipline, a credit card can cover your bills and reward you with exciting perks for spending money. As an international student, a credit card can be ver...

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Top job ready courses in Australia for international students

If you have been in Australia for quite some time now, you must be aware that higher education choices that Australia offers are plentiful and diverse. In Australia, you have classic higher study choices like Engineering, Medicine, Business Managemen...

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Top 7 universities in Australia to study Business 

Australia is one of the dream study destinations for international students who aspire to study a business degree with global recognition. Australia has some of the finest universities in the world for business education post which many gates for glo...

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Early Superannuation access for temporary visa holders in Australia.

As a remedial measure to help temporary visa holders stranded in Australia due to COVID19, the government of Australia now allows its citizens and eligible temporary residents to access their superannuation early.  This announcement has come in at th...

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Financial support for international students in Victoria

The international student community in Australia is an integral part of the country’s economy. Through the fees they pay and, the economic activity they generate by working, they are significant contributors to the income for the country. But, when t...

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Alternative English Tests for International Students

Hey future achievers! Things have been on a standstill for a while and you may find yourself wondering what step to take next. Here is some good news for you! For those of you who are looking to apply for another course and require a valid English la...

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Top scholarships for international students in Australia 2020

The international student data released by the government of Australia in April 2020 features an interesting fact. In the period between January to April this year, more than 6 lakh international students have enrolled themselves to study in Australi...

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Family and partner visa for international students in Australia

International students - Bring your immediate family member to Australia As an international student, you are allowed to bring your immediate family members to Australia. You can bring your spouse or de facto partner (including same-sex partner), you...

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7 Australian Scholarships for Singapore students in 2020

Singapore is one of the countries in Asia from where thousands of students go to Australia every year for higher studies. In 2019, around 8000 students were enrolled to study in Australia. It is due to the fact that the benefits of a degree from Aust...

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THE and AECC GLOBAL announce partnership to help international students looking to study in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore

Times Higher Education (THE), the trusted global data partner for higher education, and AECC Global, a leading provider of independent student counselling services and university application support, are delighted to announce a partnership supporting...

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GVEF 2020 - A virtual fair for international students wondering how to get PR in Australia quickly

Attention international students! It’s time to power your dreams in Australia. Obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) status in Australia is inarguably a dream of many international students. The reasons are pretty obvious, aren’t they? If you are aspirin...

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Women in STEM: A statistical snapshot

For any country, ensuring the equal participation of all genders in every field is imperative from the human rights and scientific development perspective. The world has woken up to this fact primarily in the last century and it has been an upward jo...

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5 Things No One Will Tell You About Being an International Student in Melbourne

Things to Know as an International Students in Melbourne Standing on the top of Most Livable Cities in the world for 7 consecutive years (dated 2017), Melbourne is definitely a favorite destination for international students from all over the world. ...

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