Skills Occupation List Update -11 March 2019

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New Skilled Occupation List of Australia 2019

The Department of Home Affairs recently released the changes that were made for various visas on 11 March 2019. Here are the key changes:

  • MLTSSL: 36 occupations added (from 176 to 212 occupations)
  • STSOL: Removed 27 occupations (from 242 to 215 occupations
  • ROL: Added 18 occupations (increased from 59 to 77 occupations)
  • Several occupations moved from STSOL to MLTSSL
  • 15 occupations moved from STSOL to ROL
  • 36 occupations added to MLTSSL for Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 (Graduate Work Stream) applicants
  • Impacts on 482 visa holders or applicants

New occupations added to MLTSSL

  1. Arts Administrator or Manager  (moved from STSOL)
  2. Dancer or Choreographer (moved from STSOL)
  3. Music Director (moved from STSOL)
  4. Artistic Director (moved from STSOL)
  5. Tennis Coach (moved from STSOL)
  6. Footballer (moved from STSOL)
  7. Environmental Manager
  8. Musician (Instrumental)
  9. Statistician
  10. Economist
  11. Mining Engineer (excluding Petroleum
  12. Petroleum Engineer
  13. Engineering Professionals nec
  14. Chemist
  15. Food Technologist
  16. Environmental Consultant
  17. Environmental Research Scientist
  18. Environmental Scientists nec
  19. Geophysicist
  20. Hydrogeologist
  21. Life Scientist (General
  22. Biochemist
  23. Biotechnologist
  24. Botanist
  25. Marine Biologist
  26. Microbiologist
  27. Zoologist
  28. Life Scientists nec
  29. Conservator
  30. Metallurgist
  31. Meteorologist
  32. Natural and Physical Science Professionals nec
  33. University Lecturer
  34. Multimedia Specialist
  35. Software and Applications Programmers nec
  36. Horse Trainer

Removed occupations from STSOL

  1. Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals
  2. Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic
  3. Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer
  4. Chemical Plant Operator
  5. Library Technician
  6. Arts Administrator or Manager
  7. Dancer or Choreographer
  8. Music Director
  9. Artistic Director
  10. Footballer
  11. Aquaculture Farmer
  12. Cotton Grower
  13. Authorized Version Explanatory Statement registered
  14. Fruit or Nut Grower
  15. Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower
  16. Mixed Crop Farmer
  17. Sugar Cane Grower
  18. Crop Farmers nec
  19. Beef Cattle Farmer
  20. Dairy Cattle Farmer
  21. Mixed Livestock
  22. Pig Farmer
  23. Sheep Farmer
  24. Livestock Farmers nec
  25. Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer
  26. Dentist
  27. Anaesthetist

Occupations added to the Regional Occupation List

  1. Aquaculture Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  2. Cotton Grower (moved from STSOL)
  3. Fruit or Nut Grower (moved from STSOL)
  4. Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Grower (Aus)/field crop grower (NZ) (moved from STSOL)
  5. Mixed Crop Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  6. Sugar Cane Grower (moved from STSOL)
  7. Crop Farmers nec (moved from STSOL)
  8. Beef Cattle Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  9. Dairy Cattle Farmer
  10. Mixed Livestock Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  11. Deer Farmer
  12. Goat Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  13. Pig Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  14. Sheep Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  15. Livestock Farmers nec (moved from STSOL)
  16. Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer (moved from STSOL)
  17. Dentist (moved from STSOL)
  18. Anaesthetist (moved from STSOL)

Impacts on 482 visa holders or applicants

  • Pending nomination and/or visa applications will not be adversely impacted by the subsequent removal of any occupation from the skilled occupation lists.
  • If you already hold a skilled visa, you will not be impacted by these removed occupations unless requiring the lodgement of a new nomination application – in which case you may then be impacted.
  • This impact may occur if you are changing your occupation or employer, and your occupation is no longer on the combined list of eligible skilled occupations.


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