Career as a Business Analyst

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Building Career as a Business Analyst

The demand for business analysts cannot be overstated. ‘Big data’ has been creating waves and has caught the media’s attention in the last few years. With the way in which social media companies are using all the data, they collect about their users has brought about a lot of awareness and made us realize the impact that data analysis can make in our everyday lives.

An analyst’s role pans through the business analysis stage to the detailed system design, programming, and the systems development processes.

Prerequisite for Business Analyst

  • Logical and analytical thinking is vital
  • Innovative and skills in creative reasoning
  • A team player as well as an independent worker
  • Presentation and communication skills are a must
  • Equipped with the latest IT and software skills
  • Responsible and ethical

Education Qualification of a Business Analyst

Those who aspire to take up data analysis as a career must have a degree in IT or Computer Science.

Entry into these courses would typically require a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Mandatory subjects or knowledge in Mathematics and allied discipline apart from English is required. There are institutes with different requirements with some flexibility, while some also offer external study programs

Job Description of a Business Analyst

  • Improve the efficiency of IT systems
  • Analyze and upgrade computer language, systems, data processes and interface applications on systems
  • Testing and modification of IT systems and design errors
  • Testing new IT systems and their attachments
  • Writing and reporting relevant findings

Business Analyst career path:

Opportunities for Business Analysts are huge. They can definitely work for IT-based industries, multinationals requiring IT skills.  Self-employment in the form of start-ups, as well as freelance, are also good career options.

Data Analysis is predicted to grow by leaps and bounds in the future and there is always a great demand for trained data experts and analysts to carry out businesses and find solutions for consumer, big industries and companies. Big data jobs are to grow by 4.4 million by 2024 as per statistics and there is a lack of skilled data analysts to fill in the gap. A career in Data Analytics is assured and favourable with a very promising pay scale and prospects of growth. Pursuing a career in Data Analytics means dealing with vast databases in order to satisfy business areas like marketing, sales, HR, operations and so on. A degree in data analytics would equip you with skills wherein you can handle projects, engage in critical problem solving and give you breaks across industries as skilled data consultants, data managers, chief data officers, big data architects, market analysts, etc.

FAQs on Business Analyst Courses in Australia

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