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Study Nursing in Australia  - A Pathway to PR.

Last month, when COVID-19 started to spread in Australia, the country was immediately brought under lockdown. Most of the businesses were asked to shut down, and the workers were made to stay at home.  But, over 20,000 international nursing stud...

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Why Study Nursing in Australia?

Nursing Degree in Australia Education systems: Did you know that Australia is the 3rd most popular student destination for international students next to the US and UK? With over 22,000 courses across 1,100 institutions, strong education infrastructu...

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Iron Program: Fast Track Your Nursing Career in Australia

Bridging Program for Nurses Are you an international qualified nurse and looking to start your nursing career in Australia? IRON program could be your best option to bridge your registration & kick start your Australian career. What is an IRON Pr...

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5 Fastest Growing Industries in Australia 2019

Top Growing Industries in Australia International students come to Australia looking to jumpstart their career or to start a new one.  With thousands of courses available, there is a lot of career possibilities.  Deciding on which career could be a l...

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20 Questions you ever had on Studying Nursing in Australia

FAQs on Nursing Degree in Australia Taking a plunge to decide the degree that may end up engaging you for the next few years can be unsettling. It is one of the bigger decisions of life and involves a fair bit of commitment.  For those who are close ...

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There are some anticipated changes to the Nursing Pathway which will only come to into effect somewhere in the middle of 2019. These changes have been issued by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia last year. Bridging Program to switch to an ...

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