20 Questions you ever had on Studying Nursing in Australia

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FAQs on Nursing Degree in Australia

Taking a plunge to decide the degree that may end up engaging you for the next few years can be unsettling. It is one of the bigger decisions of life and involves a fair bit of commitment.  For those who are close to choosing Nursing as a profession yet are not firm on embarking on the journey with many impending  thoughts and questions in mind here’s where we break it down for you to show you the way

What is the scope of getting a PR if I study Nursing as a discipline?

The probability of a PR for the Nursing profession is immensely high in Australia.

What are the various categories of Nurses in Australia?

Principally two types of nurses

  • Registered nurses
  • Enrolled nurses

Can you cite the difference between an enrolled nurse and registered nurse?

The registered nurses are a bridge between the doctors and patients. They also manage a team of enrolled nurses

Enrolled nurses, on the other hand, are those who are directed and piloted by a registered nurse. Those who further qualify can manage a team of Personal Care Assistants (PCA)

What is the pecking order of nurses in Australia?

The hierarchy looks like this:

  1. AIN- Assistant in Nursing
  2. EN- Enrolled Nurses
  3. EEN- Endorsed Enrolled Nurse
  4. RN- Registered Nurse
  5. CN- Clinical Nurse
  6. Midwife- RN Midwifery
  7. NP- Nurse Practitioner

What is the general progression for an Enrolled nurse to become a nurse manager?

It is imperative to become a Registered nurse first and then get an approval to become a nurse manager

What are the different professions that are open to me with a nursing degree?

Nurse manager and or a Nurse educator are opportunities that are readily available with this degree. Apart from that one can also specialise in any specific field of interest by undertaking a Masters in Nursing.

What does one infer by an Enrolled Nurse?

An Enrolled nurse typically works under a Registered Nurse and can administer nursing care, working under the aegis of a Registered Nurse

What is an endorsed enrolled nurse(EEN)?

EEN is similar to Enrolled Nurses. They are given the additional task to administer medicines to the patients

As an Enrolled Nurse can I be given the responsibility to execute the task of giving medicines to patients?

If you have an approval/ endorsement for your license, you can carry out the task of giving medicines to the patients. However, if you haven’t received that yet by NMBA, then you are not commisioned for the task.

Define mothercraft nurses?

Provides care to newborn infants, and provides advice and training on infant care to parents of newborn infants. Registration or licensing is required.

What is the pay scale for an Enrolled Nurse in Australia?

Career headway in the different states of Australia is as follows

Beginner/ Entry Level                    Highest Skill level/ Top Seniority

VIC                         AUD 50783                                          AUD 67018

NSW                      AUD 52380                                          AUD 59956

QLD                        AUD 57929                                          AUD 67169

WA                         AUD 52213                                          AUD 62137

TAS                        AUD 53817                                          AUD 59600

ACT                        AUD 57635                                          AUD 62564

NT                          AUD 55766                                          AUD 64649

SA                           AUD 51242                                          AUD 61043


How do I become an Enrolled Nurse?

A board-certified course of Diploma or Advanced Diploma is mandatory to step up and get enlisted as an Enrolled Nurse.

What is the time duration for Diploma in Nursing?

The length of the course will be two years in all.

Detail out the entry requirements for Diploma of Nursing

It normally varies from one university to another. Though the general requirements cover the following:

  • Year 12 completion or equivalent in Australia or home country
  • 18 years of age or above to facilitate the admission
  • IELTS score of 7 with no band lower than 7

Is there any mandatory placement or apprenticeship in a diploma of nursing?

400 hours of clinical placement is binding to be able to effectively complete the course. There are no exceptions to this and is compulsory in all institutes

What would be the job description of an EN?

An EN is under the aegis of an RN and must at all times follow their guidance. Their main task is to help patients with their routine activities and provide nursing care to them in a range of healthcare settings, all this under the direction of an RN.

Does RN have any specialisation?

You can pick a specialisation in the field of your preference after becoming a Registered Nurse. In all one can choose from 13 different categories of Registered Nurses after becoming a Registered Nurse.

What are the defined responsibilities of an RN?

  1. Determining, scheduling, executing and estimating nursing care function for patients according to accepted nursing guidelines
  2. Fostering health-related practices and encouraging the prevention of  unhealthy practices by partaking in health education and other health promotional exercise
  3. Responding to questions and providing adequate advice and information to the patients and their families about the treatment regime and care

What course should I select to become a Registered Nurse?

You must complete a Bachelor of Nursing which is endorsed by the board to be registered as an RN.

Enlist the entry requirement for Bachelor of Nursing?

Here are some of the general requirements

  • Completion of year 12 or equivalent in their home country
  • 18 years of age before starting this course
  • IELTS score of 7.0 overall with no band less than 6.5 or equivalent*

*Some universities may require a higher or lower band

Can completion of Bachelors of Nursing help me become a Midwife?

Its vital to study all the subjects for midwifery only then can you qualify to become a registered midwife. It's best to take advice from your education provider who can guide you in the right direction.

If I have completed a bachelor of nursing can I aspire to be a specialised nurse?

If all the required subjects have been completed by you for the said specialisation then you get approval in your license and become suitable for the same.

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