Tips for International Students about Student Accommodation

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Accommodation Tips for International Students

Studying abroad may be a dream come true but it comes with its own set of apprehensions. It all starts with a selection of a course to, choosing a befitting country and getting adept at visas associated with those countries. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. When a student arrives in Australia, one of the most critical things is finding accommodation.

Australia has plenty of options in terms of accommodation. It is a great way to find your footing in a new country as well as get familiarized with the local places that are in and around. Here are some of the tips you might want to keep handy before deciding your place of stay in Australia.

Accommodation Options
There are several types of accommodations in Australia. One may easily end up choosing from

a) Homestay (living with a full-fledged family)

b) Purpose built student accommodation (PBSA)

c) Rental Property

d) On-campus facility

d) Serviced apartments

e) Residential colleges

g) Others

To pick from the above may principally rest on your budget, the duration of your stay and the nature of the accommodation.

Getting on Top of It
Getting a place may not be as hard as knowing the nitty-gritty of any rental agreement. Every accommodation comes with various terms and conditions, which you must be on top of before taking up the place in order to avoid any unpleasant situation in future. You must totally understand the terms of the lease, security payment clause, advance rent payment if any, cleaning fees amongst other things. The rental process can be hard in case you are not mindful of all the procedures involved and could land you in a difficult spot.

Arrive in Advance
Your study programme may not leave you with much time to explore your accommodation options. Hence it is important to arrive a few weeks before your term begins. This would make you comfortable as you will acclimatize to your new room, find your way around the new city, get used to the public transport to and fro from your university, get to know your peers. This will break the ice and you will feel at ease once your course begins.

Avoid a Long-term Lease
If you sign up any long-term lease you may not be able to leave a place even if you are frantic to do so. Take it up for about couple of months and then venture around to find an ideal accommodation which suits your needs and your pocket. In case you are comfortable with it you can always extend your stay by contacting your accommodation provider within the first two weeks of your stay. However for some reason, if you don’t you can always utilize those 2 months to find another appropriate place for yourself.

Stay Away from Illicit Providers
To know your rights as a tenant is an important first step when you land in Australia as a student. Research and find out who are genuine providers and stay away from places that are packed promising good accommodation. While you may end up saving a few dollars each week, eventually you may end up losing a large share of your investment and your efforts would be completely wasted.

Remain Scam-Proof
Steer clear of scams. Do not try to book rooms through unknown websites when you are in your home country. It is better you check the accommodation physically before making any payment. Hence only once you are in Australia and can go check the place out and then make a booking online. Compare rentals before taking any decision.

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