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Which Courses are Eligible for PR in Australia?

Top Courses to Get PR in Australia for 2022 International students have various reasons why they have chosen to study in Australia. The country, one of the top 3 favorite destinations of students seeking higher education, has helped its international...

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Top Universities to Study Cyber Security in Australia

Cyber Security provides a concrete base and makes those who are interested in the discipline cybersecurity literate with sound technical skills and industry expertise to make them highly employable. Cybercrime and cyber terrorism need to be dealt wit...

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Agriculture degree in Australia: Consistently Growing Industry in Australia

Agriculture Degree for International Students The challenges of the 21st century are innumerable. One of the major ones is those related to environmental changes. Linked to this is sustainable food production. These global challenges can address by s...

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Skilled Occupation List - 11th August 2018

SkillSelect Invitation Round Results from 11th August 2018; For applicants in the accounting field, the cut-off point was 80. For applicants in the Engineering field, the cut-off point was 70 industrial, mechanical & production engineers While it...

Understand Two Years Study Requirement for Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration Requirements for International Students The basic requirement for international students who wish to apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) or obtain extra points for skill migration in Australia based on their Australia...

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Dream to be Next Philip Cox? Study Architecture in Australia

Study Architecture in Australia for International Students Passionate about design and building, have a creative bent of mind? Architecture is a discipline you could pursue. International students pursuing Architecture know some other disciplines as ...

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11th October 2018 SkillSelect Invitation Round

Skill Select Invitation October 2018 Here are the Skill Select Invitation Round Results from 11th October 2018. For applicants in the accounting field, the cut-off point was 80. For applicants in the Engineering field, the cut-off point was 70 for el...

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Top 10 Perks of Becoming a PR in Australia

Benefits of Australian PR The melting pot down under, Australia is an exceptional country to settle down. Ranked by the United Nations as the second-best country in the world for its quality of life, Australia unceasingly attracts international skill...

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Career as a Business Analyst

Building Career as a Business Analyst The demand for business analysts cannot be overstated. ‘Big data’ has been creating waves and has caught the media’s attention in the last few years. With the way in which social media companies are using all the...

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Skills Occupation List Update -11 March 2019

New Skilled Occupation List of Australia 2019 The Department of Home Affairs recently released the changes that were made for various visas on 11 March 2019. Here are the key changes: MLTSSL: 36 occupations added (from 176 to 212 occupations)STSOL: R...

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20 Questions you ever had on Studying Nursing in Australia

FAQs on Nursing Degree in Australia Taking a plunge to decide the degree that may end up engaging you for the next few years can be unsettling. It is one of the bigger decisions of life and involves a fair bit of commitment.  For those who are close ...

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Most Popular Courses that lead to PR

Most Popular Courses to get PR There are many reasons International students choose to pursue their education in Australia. On top of being one of the top 3 most popular destinations for international students, Australian education also helps its gra...

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Boost Your Migration Points with NAATI Accreditation

NAATI Accreditation for PR About NAATI: National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI) is a standards organization responsible for setting, maintaining and promoting high professional standards that issue accreditations for...

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The PR point system in Australia

Given its high standard of living and potential growth opportunities, Australia has been one of the most desired destinations to migrate to. The multicultural country is disproportionately less populated to its vast area and it has been welcoming imm...

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Cracking the PR Code via the Points Test

Gain More Australia Immigration Points Have the drive to stay in Australia? Not sure how to upgrade your points to get a PR? The General Skilled Migration or GSM approval, under the ambit of the DHA is the key. GSM, heavily relies on your score in th...

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Skilled Occupation List - 11th September 2018

Here are the SkillSelect Invitation Round Results from 11th September 2018. For applicants in the accounting field, the cut-off point was 80. For applicants in the Engineering field, the cut-off point was 70 for electronics, industrial, mechanical &a...

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Australian Migration Trends in 2014-2015

Have you always wondered where the majority of migrants into Australia are originally from? Overseas migration plays a vital part in the Australian economy. It supports the labour market while shaping the society and reuniting families. In light of t...

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Why You Should Study in Tasmania

Tasmania is Australia’s island state, also known as “Tassie” by Australians. Tasmania is located just south of Victoria. Tassie is now attracting a large number of international students and visitors craving for the ultimate wilderness escape mixed w...

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