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Top reasons to study at Australian Catholic university in 2023

Over the past two decades Australia has gained high popularity among international students as one of their first choices to study in. It is largely due to the fact that their pursuit of a bright career and high quality of life successfully bears fru...

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Top Universities to Study Cyber Security in Australia

Cyber Security Courses provide a concrete base and make those who are interested in the discipline of cybersecurity literate with sound technical skills and industry expertise to make them highly employable. As the world becomes increasingly reliant ...

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Top 5 universities offering Lab Medicine in Australia

Best Universities for Lab Medicine in Australia This course is accredited by the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) and is a student’s pathway for an impressive career into the world of pathology, diagnostic or research. With a degree ...

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Top 5 Universities for Occupational Therapy in Australia

Best Universities for Occupational Therapy in Australia Australia is the place which has attracted international students over several years and its world-class universities with rankings at par with those best in the world and has been the melting p...

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Top reasons to study at Edith Cowan University in 2021

Headquartered in Perth , Edith Cowan University has been one of the iconic institutions in Western Australia. As if destined to be unique, the university started in 1991 as the first university in Australia to be named after a woman and continues to ...

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5 Things to Consider When Changing Your Course or University

As an international student, making crucial decisions relating to your studies is part of your education journey in Australia. Examples of which can be pursuing a higher degree after completing your studies or deciding to change your course or move o...

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Choose Your University

How to Choose a Right University When it comes to choosing the right university, it is always a big decision with many factors to consider. The university that you choose will not only grants you with academic credentials but also a place where you w...

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5 Guides in Choosing the Right Course for You in Australia

Choosing the Right Course for International Students in Australia With 1000s of interesting fields of study offered by quality universities and institutions in Australia, how do you select the most suitable course for you? Before you get overwhelmed,...

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4 Key Points to Remember When Changing Course, Level and University Under Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF)

Course or University Shifting under SSVF What if I decide to pursue a different field of study? Am I allowed to do that? Do I need to get a new student visa? These are only a few of the questions an international student like yourself would ask once ...

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Gap Courses and Pathways to Bachelor of Nursing in Australia

Bachelor of Nursing July Intake If you’re looking to pursue the Nursing degree here in Australia, chances are you’re trying to apply for a Diploma or Bachelor of Nursing this coming intake. But what happens when you’re one of the unlucky few who don’...

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Can I Change Course As An International Student?

Can an International Student Change a Course As an international student in Australia, choosing a course is a huge decision. Sometimes you arrive, and you realise that your chosen course is not the best option for you. Our guide will help you with yo...

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How to Switch Course or University in Australia

Pursuing higher education abroad is one of the most critical decisions a student makes in their life. It takes enormous financial commitment along with the time and effort to be spent on the course. Despite all the research you did, what if you move ...

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Study at Victoria University in 2021

In 2016, Victoria University celebrated its centenary year of exceptional educational service to Australia and to the world. The iconic university of Australia, started as a technical school with 200 students, has become the 56th best young universit...

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Going regional? Study at Latrobe university

Having turned 50 a couple of years ago, La Trobe university today is a well-accomplished, premier institution in Australia. When we look at the world university rankings of recent years, La Trobe basks in the success of being one of the top 50 young ...

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Top courses to study at Kaplan Business School in 2021

Kaplan Business School Having enrolled  close to 4300 students in 2019, Kaplan Business School achieved the feat of becoming the second biggest non-university business school in Australia. The history of the institution dates back to 1938 when the sc...

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