Top courses to study at Kaplan Business School in 2021

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Kaplan Business School

Having enrolled  close to 4300 students in 2019, Kaplan Business School achieved the feat of becoming the second biggest non-university business school in Australia. The history of the institution dates back to 1938 when the school’s founder Stanley Kaplan started tutoring students in New York. Since then, the institution evolved in leaps and bounds transcending national boundaries to provide quality education. The culmination of this journey was the establishment of Kaplan Business School in 2008 in Adelaide. Today, the institution is one of the most desired places to pursue business education for international students with campuses in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Students from over 80 countries study management courses in business  analytics, digital management, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, tourism, leadership, project management and health services.  The school boasts a strong industry network that has big names such as Davidson, Vivir Healthcare, Marriott , Hilton and Sydney Swans as partners. Therefore, it becomes easy for KBS students to easily find internships and paid opportunities with these brands. These work experiences add value to students’ resumes and make them highly employable across the world. The fact that KBS business graduates earn 20% more than the industry average is proof that KBS is taking the right steps in fulfilling the dreams of international students.

7 reasons why KBS is an outstanding institution 

Globally accredited degrees - KBS degrees are recognized and highly regarded by leading global employers and government bodies. Therefore, Kaplan graduates land up in high profile jobs across the world.

Multicultural awareness - All of the Kaplan campuses are multicultural environments. Students of different ethnicities, countries and economic backgrounds study together which promotes high cultural awareness and builds meaningful relationships. Therefore KBS graduates shine as leaders in modern workplaces which require high cultural sensitivity and open mindedness.

Compact class size - Across campuses, class strength at KBS is not more than 25 which ensures teaching and learning quality is high. Each student receives special attention from the course facilitators who identify each student’s strength and nurtures them accordingly.

Industry relevant courses - Course content is carefully curated at KBS as per the needs of the industry. Students learn the hottest industry subjects which instill the practical knowledge and skills expected by today’s employers from fresh graduates.

Alumni network - KBS maintains a life long relationship with its alumni. The institution offers career support, professional development services and networking opportunities to its former students for which KBS has received student support ratings higher than all the Australian public universities.

Metropolitan campuses - The campuses are situated at the heart of major metropolitan cities of Australia. After studies, students get to explore the city, try exotic cuisines, participate in interesting activities, watch mega international events live, hang out, socialize and much more.

Beyond curriculum - Beyond subjects, KBS mould students into leaders by offering training and courses on emotional intelligence, communication skills, digital literacy, business ethics and problem solving skills etc. All Kaplan campuses are equipped with amenities that ensure students experience the joy of learning and comfort of being home away from their homes.

Courses offered at KBS  
KBS offers undergraduate, postgraduate, graduate diploma and graduate certificate courses in all major specializations of management. International students who don’t meet the entry requirements for a postgraduate degree can do a one trimester pathway program to achieve eligibility.   Accounting, Business Analytics, Marketing, Professional Accounting, Hospitality & Tourism management are some of the specializations offered across these study levels.

These courses open doors to lucrative career opportunities in business analytics, corporate strategy, operations management, management consulting, event management, social media marketing and entrepreneurship. Working executives can opt for certificate courses and diploma courses that they can complete in a year and accelerate their career growth.

The courses can be studied on-campus or online or a combination of both. Online students can get all the student support services from the university that on-campus students get. Sufficient opportunities are provided to online students to interact with other online students, view and download study materials, access exclusive course related video content, ebooks and podcasts etc.  

“..I wanted to study Business Analytics to gain the technical knowledge I needed to go into the area of management consultancy well the course itself takes you through a journey of analytics from the basics so I don't think you need to have a strong suit of technical skills before you get into the course this particular course offered at KBS does not have an IT related prerequisite so it was a strong contender in comparing with other universities which was my primary reason to choose this course at Kaplan Business School also the small class sizes gave me the confidence I need to take on this new challenge ..”  
                                                                                     - Dyane Smith, Sri Lanka, MBA (Business Analytics) 

2021 Scholarships at Kaplan Business School

KBS aims at bringing business leaders out of students from different backgrounds. Hence, the school identifies talented students from different parts of the world, awards them with high value scholarships and makes the course affordable. Here are the top 3 scholarships you should know while choosing a course in 2021. 

50% Primary Health Care Leadership scholarships

This is an exclusive scholarship for the Masters in Health Services Management degree at Kaplan Business School. In order to recognize the hard work of healthcare workers during the pandemic, this hefty scholarship was instituted. If you are working in the healthcare industry or worked in the past 12 months and meet other eligibility criteria, you can apply for this scholarship.

30% Higher Achiever Scholarship

Students who have a meritorious academic track record of studies are awarded this 30% scholarship. Students with 90% marks in their previous course and sufficient English skills are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is available for all courses.

10% Regional Scholarship

This 10% scholarship is offered to students from Australia, Middle East & Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe and South Asia region. Students who hold citizenship from countries in these regions and possess a decent academic record (70% for UG and 65% for PG) are eligible for this scholarship on meeting other course requirements.

Apart from these three, there are other scholarships for athletes,students from indigenous community, Kaplan Alumni and Dean’s award for current Kaplan students.

Kaplan Business School rankings and awards

  • 2020 Pioneer awards for best career-related student support 
  • 2020 Pioneer awards for Progressive education delivery award 
  • KBS graduates earn 20% higher than the industry average salary - QILT 2019 
  • Ranked higher for student support than all Australian public universities - QILT 2019
  • Ranked higher for educational experience than all Australian public universities - QILT 2019
  • 25% more positively rated by students than other business management institutions - QILT 2018 
  • 1st in the world for best student support - 2018 International Barometer Survey 

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