Skilled Occupation List - 11th August 2018

SkillSelect Invitation Round Results from 11th August 2018;

  • For applicants in the accounting field, the cut-off point was 80.
  • For applicants in the Engineering field, the cut-off point was 70 industrial, mechanical & production engineers
  • While it was 75 for electronics and other engineering professionals.
  • For applicants in the I.T. field, the cut-off point was 70 for computer network professionals
  • While it was 75 for ICT business & system analysts and software & applications programmers.

For non-prorate occupations, like social work, nursing and more, the cut-off was 70 for 189 applications. As for 489 applicants, the cut-off was 80.

For a summary of the points, here is the image below;

Skilled Occupation List Invitations - 11th August

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Source: Home Affairs


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