Toughest jobs to fill up in Australia

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There are certain occupations that are simply hard to fill even if you have the skill, talent, and the opportunity. In Australia, there is certainly a number of roles that are tough to fill up for recruiters and HR heads across industries with the least number of applications coming for these positions.

Most difficult roles to fill in Australia

Based on statistics, the two industries that strive to fill existing vacancies are in the Healthcare & Medical and Legal industry.  A scarcity of candidates was seen in the Legal industry with an evidently higher demand for insurance specialists, industrial relations and employment law experts. In the Health sector, it was seen there was a deficit of GPs, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitators, Physiotherapists etc.  The other industry is the Education and Training industry which falls short of teaching professionals, especially in the management schools.

The supply and demand accord

Roles that are hard to fill quite obviously is the outcome of demand overriding supply. The Healthcare and Medical industry, for example, is Australia’s largest employer and demand for appropriate talent is always on the rise. The state and government's health expenditure reports per head determine that in the next 40 years it is slated to double up. Additionally, with growing life expectancy, Australians aged 65 and above is predicted to double too.

Aged care services across ACT and NSW are deemed as regions with a shortage of skilled and specialised expertise to take care of the aging population. A Certificate III Individual Support qualification is required for some of these roles. Apart from this, the right attitude, sense of giving back to the community, the desire to take up challenging tasks makes for a perfect aged care worker. There is a skill shortage in this profession which makes the position hard to be filled.

Another such industry where there is a shortage of skills, which leads to positions remaining vacant, is the Legal industry. In house legal activity is growing steadily across Australia as there is cut back on outsourcing work.

Challenging roles to fill up in healthcare

Nursing - Midwifery, Neo-Natal, NICU and so on, are roles which are always in demand and hard to fill. Midwifery is a very specialised area of nursing wherein the ratio of qualified midwives to registered nurses is low. Apart from this, the other tough roles to fill are that of Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, etc. These two occupations have seen a soaring trend with not enough talent to commensurate with the demand.  One of the reasons could be because a lot of universities may not offer enough courses.

Legal industry trend

With the infrastructure boom, there is a huge demand for property lawyers, construction law experts, and so on. Corporate and commercial law also are heavy on demand this could be due to frauds and delinquencies in banks and financial service sector. This has escalated the demand for corporate and commercial lawyers with skill sets that could help the sector to grow.

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