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Careers of the Future: Engineering

Engineers work in a diverse range of industries in Australia, from telecommunications to pharmaceuticals, mining to information technology. Traditionally, engineering has been divided into four broad disciplines: chemical, civil, electrical and mecha...

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Why it is the right time for a career in Cybersecurity

Why it is the right time for a Career in Cybersecurity Cyber Security is in heavy demand.  Cybersecurity specialists are the need of the hour, with cybercrime rampant among many organizations- business and government, private and public bodies alike....

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Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia? Thousands of international students continue to flock to Australia to study different courses. One of them is commercial cookery. That begs the question, why study commercial cookery in Australia? Here are f...

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Short Automotive Courses in Australia

Study Short Automotive Courses in Australia The Automotive industry is currently growing with projected job growth of 3.46% until 2023.  The in-demand jobs are automotive electricians and motor mechanics. Both occupations are in the Medium to Long-Te...

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Stages for Getting a Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)

Getting your Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) can take a lot of time. From submitting your EOI and getting an invitation from the Department of Home Affairs is the Department of Home Affairs recently updated their visa processing times. Before...

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Which Courses are Eligible for PR in Australia?

Top Courses to Get PR in Australia for 2022 International students have various reasons why they have chosen to study in Australia. The country, one of the top 3 favorite destinations of students seeking higher education, has helped its international...

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Top 5 Cybersecurity Misconceptions to be Avoided

Top 5 Cybersecurity Misconceptions to be Avoided Enabling effective Cyber Security measures is a demanding task today as technology has taken over most human activities and has outnumbered human beings in general and cyber attackers are thinking out ...

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Why Study Accounting in Australia?

Benefits of Studying Accounting in Australia Gone are the days when accountancy is reduced to just numbers. Accountancy is crucial as it provides updates on the financial health of the company. It advises the company of the progress and impending pro...

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Careers of Tomorrow: Becoming a Psychologist in Australia

Psychology as a discipline is an allied science.  It deals in probing into human mental behaviour. It is science that assesses people behaviour and their cognitive characteristics. It also studies the various external and internal factors that determ...

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Scholarships for International Students in Australia

Australian University Scholarships for International Students Australian universities have a world ranking.  They are consistently scaling higher up each year. It is the preferred destination for international students.  They find this as a suitable ...

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TOEFL iBT®: How does it compare to IELTS & PTE?

TOEFL iBT®: The Most Popular English Proficiency Test The TOEFL® test often gets compared to other English Proficiency tests. Here in Australia, most international students would most likely be more familiar with the IELTS test, or the PTE test. So w...

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Business Analytics program to advance your career

Specialised Degrees in Business Analytics Big data and big business go hand in hand in a world that is experiencing a data revolution at a swift pace. Skilled individuals can generate value from the data sources. They are in demand across the world l...

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Managing stress during the exam period

Anxiety and exam stress pretty much go hand in hand. Viewed from another perspective, stress can upgrade your performance to a great extent. This kind of a challenging period in your life can, in reality, help give you that extra adrenaline rush that...

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Why You Should Study in Tasmania

Tasmania is Australia’s island state, also known as “Tassie” by Australians. Tasmania is located just south of Victoria. Tassie is now attracting a large number of international students and visitors craving for the ultimate wilderness escape mixed w...

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Agriculture degree in Australia: Consistently Growing Industry in Australia

Agriculture Degree for International Students The challenges of the 21st century are innumerable. One of the major ones is those related to environmental changes. Linked to this is sustainable food production. These global challenges can address by s...

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Dream to be Next Philip Cox? Study Architecture in Australia

Study Architecture in Australia for International Students Passionate about design and building, have a creative bent of mind? Architecture is a discipline you could pursue. International students pursuing Architecture know some other disciplines as ...

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Best Australian universities for Psychology: Top Psychology Universities

Best Universities for Psychology Degree Psychology is a field which studies the human mind and all aspects that come within that orbit. A course in Psychology deals with understanding individuals and their behaviour.  It studies the human stages and ...

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There are some anticipated changes to the Nursing Pathway which will only come to into effect somewhere in the middle of 2019. These changes have been issued by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia last year. Bridging Program to switch to an ...

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Toughest jobs to fill up in Australia

There are certain occupations that are simply hard to fill even if you have the skill, talent, and the opportunity. In Australia, there is certainly a number of roles that are tough to fill up for recruiters and HR heads across industries with the le...

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Skills Occupation List Update -11 March 2019

New Skilled Occupation List of Australia 2019 The Department of Home Affairs recently released the changes that were made for various visas on 11 March 2019. Here are the key changes: MLTSSL: 36 occupations added (from 176 to 212 occupations)STSOL: R...

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