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How to check Australia visa status online?

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Checking your Australian visa status is simple. You have both web and mobile app options to find out the status and other conditions associated with your visa. You or your potential employer could view your visa status anytime.
Checking visa status online
The Department of Home Affairs of Australia has an exclusive portal called VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) system which allows visa holders, employers and certain organizations to check the status of visa. You need to have your passport details with you.

  1. DFFTA
  2. Immicard
  3. Passport
  4. PLO56(M56)
  5. Titre De Voyage
  • On the following page, you will be asked to enter one of the following reference numbers. 
  1. Transaction Reference Number (TRN)
  2. Visa Evidence Number
  3. Visa Grant Number
  4. Password
  • Enter one of the reference numbers along with your date of birth, document number (the one you have entered in the previous page) and the country of the document in their respective fields. 
  • Click the checkbox to agree with the terms and conditions of the service and click ‘submit’.
  • Now you will see the details of your visa/visa application. You can save, email or print this VEVO copy from this page directly.

VEVO mobile app
You could also download myVEVO mobile application to check your visa status. The app is available on Google playstore for android and on Apple iTunes for iPhones. 
Once you download the app and open it for the first time, the first page prompts you to create a 4 digit PIN. The pin number is required to log into the app every time.

  • Open the app
  • Enter the PIN number
  • Choose the document type (ImmiCard/Passport/DFTTA or Titre de Voyage)
  • Enter Reference number (Visa Grant Number or Transaction Reference Number)
  • Enter Date of Birth
  • Enter the document number
  • Enter the country of document
  • Submit the information
  • Accept the terms and conditions

Now, you can see your current visa status and the associated conditions. 
You can save the displayed information or email it to anyone directly from the app. 
What are the reference numbers?

  1. Transaction Reference Number (TRN) - TRN is given to an applicant when their application is lodged online. If the visa application is lodged through an Immi account, the TRN can be found once you log in to your Immi account.
  2. Visa Evidence Number - This number is mentioned on the visa label. 
  3. Visa Grant Number - This number is mentioned in the notification of a successful visa grant. 
  4. Password - Password can be obtained when you contact the General Enquiry Line to make an enquiry of your visa status. 

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