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Mechanical engineering is a unique course that asks you to be technically creative to be successful. If you are naturally curious, persistent and innovative, mechanical engineering is an ideal choice for you. The career options for mechanical engineering are wildly diverse. You get to work across multiple industries and in different verticals of engineering such as design, maintenance, production management, manufacturing, quality control etc.

Australia is an ideal destination to study mechanical engineering. The country has an array of supreme institutions that provide excellent engineering education. Post studies, you can find employment in Australia. Multinational engineering companies like Bayer, Siemens, Hatch, ADB safe-gate are based out of Australia and there are thousands of other mid-sized firms that hire mechanical engineers regularly. So, obtaining your engineering degree from an Australian university enables you to find employment in and out of Australia.

As per the industry report of the Australian government, mechanical engineers are paid on average $2,414 a week and the industry sees stable growth in the near future.

If you are considering a career in mechanical engineering, here are the top universities in Australia to study the course as ranked by Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021.

 University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is the best university in Australia and also the 31st best university in the world. The university has one of the largest teaching and research facilities for mechanical engineering in the country. Among the 50,000 students in the university, 48% are international students. The university has a staff-student ratio of 1:27 that assures personalized attention to each student. The university offers Masters in Mechanical, Mechatronics, Mechanical with business and Mechanical with Aerospace. You can also study Bachelors in design, Bachelors in Science and get into Mechanical or Mechatronics for your Master's degree. The indicative total course fee for a Master's is $141,030 and for Bachelor's, it falls between $100,992 - $170,600.

University of Sydney

The oldest university in Australia - The University of Sydney ranks second for Mechanical Engineering. The university ranks 51 among the world university and holds the first position in Australia for graduate employability. The university's mechanical engineering programs are embedded with foundation studies in data and computation in order to prepare engineers for the digital age. Located in one of the world's most liveable cities, the university is a great place to study and find a job. The course costs a little over $30000 a year and it can be subsidized by the numerous scholarships offered by the university. The University of Sydney ranks frequently as the #1 university in Australia for graduate employability. You have over 200 clubs and societies on campus to be a part of and grow. The indicative fee for undergraduate, postgraduate and research program for the year 2021 are $50,000, $47,500 and $49,000 respectively.

Australian National University

ANU offers Mechatronics engineering which is an emerging field of study. It is a hybrid course that brings together the best of mechanical, electronic and computational engineering. You can study and get trained in the most advanced areas of mechatronics like Robotics and computer vision, system dynamics and control systems at ANU. Through group projects and industry training, the course focuses on developing the students into creative, problem-solving professionals in the industry. The annual course fee for international students is $46,910.

University of Queensland

Another GO8 member and one of the premier institutions of Australia, the University of Queensland, offers Mechanical and Mechatronics engineering. You can study Aerospace, Mining, Biomedical, Materials and Fire safety majors in the undergraduate program. The university ranks consistently as the best in Queensland for Mechanical engineering program. The university has 3 campuses and the largest library in Queensland. To provide a hands-on learning experience to students, the program has a great emphasis on fieldwork and has a race car workshop in campus. The program costs around $45,000 a year for international students.

Monash University

 With a global rank of 64, Monash University takes pride in its 26000 members strong alumni network. The university offers Mechanical, Robotics, Aerospace and Mechatronics engineering programs. You also have an option to do a double degree in your undergraduate program and improve your career prospects. Beyond classroom learning, the university has a range of activities such as the Monash Motorsport team, Unmanned Aerial team, Monash Industry team initiative and research programs to enhance your skills and experience while studying. Graduates can also apply for research programs at Monash in research areas like Nanotechnology, Environmental engineering, Mechatronics and structures.

UNSW Sydney

University of New South Wales is another esteemed institution based out of Sydney and has partnerships with over 200 institutions across the world. The university's School of Engineering offers a 4-year undergraduate program in Aerospace, Mechanical, Manufacturing and Mechatronics engineering. Students have the flexibility to change course after the first year. The mechanical engineering program focuses on developing a strong foundation in students in key areas like design, Mathematics, Visualization and analytics. Along with the traditional post-graduate specializations, the university also offers postgraduate programs in Nuclear Engineering and Robotics. UNSW also holds a unique record of being the #1 university in Australia attended by start-up founders.

University of Adelaide

The third oldest university in Australia, the University of Adelaide holds a global rank of 118 this year. The university's School of Mechanical Engineering is designed to produce job-ready, skilled engineers and hence their programs are research-intensive and industry-integrated. Their programs consist of a complete 8-week practical work experience and have interesting majors like sports engineering, Renewable energy, and defence systems. Entrepreneurship and humanitarian minors are also there for students to study. Their two-year master's program lets you explore and learn advanced mechanics, structural design, project management, and other special areas you can pick according to your interests and goals. The indicative course fee for both bachelors and masters degree is $44,500 a year and there are plenty of university scholarships you can apply for to reduce the fee burden.

It's no surprise that the GO8 universities comfortably rank as the top universities in Australia every year for most subjects of study. It is a highly competitive battle to get a seat in these universities, though it is not impossible. But, Australia has a whole other lot of universities that compete with the top world universities and well-recognized by employers globally. If you are passionate about studying mechanical engineering in Australia, you should check the other top-class universities before finalizing your choices. You could get the same quality education on par with the GO8 and come out as a highly employable graduate. Speak to our counsellors today and understand the scenario better and make an informed choice. They listen to your interests and career goals and guide you on the right path to achieve career success.

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