Managing stress during the exam period

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Anxiety and exam stress pretty much go hand in hand. Viewed from another perspective, stress can upgrade your performance to a great extent. This kind of a challenging period in your life can, in reality, help give you that extra adrenaline rush that can improve your preparation in the run-up to your exams. However, sometimes this can turn out to be adverse if you can’t handle the stress and it may come in the way of your exam. So while stress to a certain degree is good until it gives you an extra push to approach your exams, but it could interfere in the decisive moment of your exams. Here are some tips that can help you manage your exam stress

Evaluate your stress

A reasonable estimation of stress is important at the onset. This will help you determine if your stress is instrumental or detrimental to your performance. Evidently, if stress generates focus and vigilance, it is doing you a world of good, and your performance can benefit from that rush. However, on the other hand, if the same adrenaline rush is making you edgy and nervous, it will hinder your output in the exams.

Counter your stress

Stress is universal and will be part of every exam scenario. While some are buoyant even with stress as it helps them focus better, others may not be able to manage it too well. This could be primarily due to the void in your exam preparation and you are mentally aware that since you are underprepared you may not give it your best shot. However, if you are on top of the course and still are stressed then you must try and manage your anxiety by reasoning with yourself and going through your outlook, approach and calming yourself down. You may need the help of your peers or mentors who can rationalize it for you as well as go through some tried and tested techniques to be at peace with your stance.

Alter your reasoning

It is vital to alter your thoughts with regard to your exams. If you are positive you can be upbeat while studying for your exam and this way improves your performance. Collect your thoughts about the exams a) while preparing for exams b) while taking the exam and c) on the day of your exams

Negative thoughts are always in abundance during exam time! However, if you can keep them at bay and fan your positive thoughts it can actually end up doing wonders on your exam day. Positive thinking can come only with time and they need to exercise regularly. Any negative thoughts coming in the way have to be done away with and replaced by positive ones by focusing on what one has prepared well. It is also important to keep thoughts that are negative far from oneself, like anxious about not preparing well, or not being able to complete the syllabus. All these thoughts are exhaustive and can sum up to nothing.

A great way to make a change is by also slipping in some alternative methods in your lifestyle like breathing exercise and meditation that can help your body rejuvenate and help manage your stress with ease.

Bring in physical and behavioural change

While the mind is being challenged during the exam period and the stress factor is scaling rapidly it is not only important to tame your mind but also your body. Physical and mental well being goes hand in hand. Healthy routines, eating nutritious food, a moderate exercising regime and good sleep schedules can also promote mental well being which can further bolster your performance in the exam

Finally, if all else fails it may be a good idea to take suggestions from your counsellor and mentors before the exam period and get the right direction before your big day.

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