Top 8 Scholarships for International Students in Australia in 2022-2023

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Are you looking to pursue higher education in Australia as an international student? If so, you may be in luck. Why? There are numerous scholarships up for grabs in Australia for international students. For the 2022-23 academic period alone, there are over a thousand scholarships to study in Australia for international students. The requirements to qualify for these options vary according to the specific program. So, to know whether you are eligible for them, read on to know more about scholarships to study in Australia. 

 La Trobe Southeast Asia Merit Scholarship in 2022-2023

The scholarship is for future undergraduate and postgraduate students who are citizens of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, or the Philippines. The university will apply it as a discount on the tuition fees per subject for the whole length of an eligible course. With this scholarship, you will be able to secure a total discount of 20% to 30% on tuition fees. The institution will award a percentage discount based on your grade point average (GPA) and eligibility for the course.

La Trobe University treats academic excellence as being important. It will automatically consider international students who perform well in academics and contemplate applying for a bachelor's or master's degree for the scholarship.

If you are wondering how to apply for scholarships in Australia, remember that it would vary from one university to another. In this case, for a candidate, the process involves applying for a course on the La Trobe International Scholarship (LTIS) List of eligible courses. Moreover, La Trobe would award scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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Federation University Global Innovator Scholarship in 2022-2023

Country: Australia

Federation University Australia offers a scholarship for its Master of Social Work program, which commences this July. If you qualify for this scholarship, Federation University will apply a 20% discount on your yearly tuition fees. The fees become payable every single semester based on your enrolment on campus.

To keep receiving the scholarship in future semesters, the university would require you to maintain your enrolment at the location specified in the offer letter.

Keep reading this blog for more scholarships to study in Australia 2022 options. 

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CDU Global Merit Scholarship 

Under this scholarship program, Charles Darwin University offers a 30% discount on the tuition fees of new students. The scholarship is open now and is applicable for the course duration. CDU makes it available for an eligible course starting from the second semester this August or the future semesters. It requires the candidate to accept the offer letter within 11:59 pm (ACST) the day preceding the time teaching starts for every single intake.

As with any other scholarships for international students in Australia, CDU also requires the candidate to satisfy a set of conditions for the scholarship. As one of those conditions, CDU requires the applicant not to have a different scholarship from a foreign or Australian sponsoring agency. It does not require the applicant to have a minimum grade point average (GPA) score. For more information, please check the terms and conditions for Charles Darwin University's scholarship. 

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Hotel School Scholarship 

The Hotel School specialises in developing leaders with the practical expertise required for operating a business. Students from the world over study in the Melbourne  and Sydney-based locations of the Hotel School. It has a multicultural and inclusive student population as well as plays a big part in the Australian hospitality sector.

The Hotel School grants a 20% discount on the tuition fees for the first year for onshore students, which will allow them to save as much as $5,840 for their education. To know more about the eligibility criteria, contact any of our offices.

Kangan Institute's Scholarship for Its Course 'Diploma of Automotive Technology' 

Kangan Institute operates the Automotive Centre of Excellence, which will take in students for its diploma course in automotive technology from February next year. The scholarship will be worth $8,400, the course fee for one semester. So, if you are looking for scholarships to study in Australia, this is among the options that you might want to check out soon.

The scholarship is for the last semester of the course. The scholarship will be applicable for every application for the Automotive Package course that the institution receives from March 01, 2022, to January 31, 2023, and will be valid for just the February 2023 intakes. As a potential intake, you must accept the offer letter on February 07, 2023, or before the said date.

Continue to read this compilation of scholarships to study in Australia for international students for more options.

University of Newcastle Scholarships 

There will be two new scholarship options at the University of Newcastle this September: International Excellence and Africa Excellence.

The University of Newcastle, Australia, will use the scholarships to lure international students who perform at peak academic levels for education this year and beyond. The scholarships based on merit not only recognise candidates with a solid academic background but also encourage them to keep trying to become the best possible versions of themselves.

The main difference between International Excellence Scholarship and Africa Excellence Scholarship is the amount of benefit it offers to students. The former scholarship offers $15,000 per year under the full-time study load that the university will apportion for each eligible course, which equals $1,875 for every 10 units of study. The latter scholarship offers $10,000 per year under the full-time study load, which the university will allocate for each eligible course, and it will equal $1,250 for each course.

The institution will make scholarship offers based on academic merit. Every academic merit determination is made as per the procedures of the university to determine GPA and ATAR. There is a long list of criteria for both scholarships at the university, so be sure to check it if you plan to apply for an eligible course. 

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TAFE NSW Scholarships 

TAFE NSW offers two forms of scholarships: the 15% Scholarship and the $2,000 Scholarship. TAFE NSW will apply the former scholarship percentage as a credit against your tuition fees per six months for the length of just its higher education course. The latter scholarship has a value of up to $2,000 and is merit-based. TAFE NSW will apply it as a $500 credit towards your tuition fee for each of the semesters of an eligible course until the exhaustion of the overall scholarship value.

Are you an international student keen on applying for one of those scholarships?

If so, you might wish to know whether you are eligible for it. Feel free to contact anyone in our team of counsellors regarding your eligibility or anything else related to scholarships in Australia for international students. 

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TAFE SA Scholarships 

TAFE SA offers two pro-rata scholarship options for students who plan to enrol themselves in the course 'Bachelor of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management'. As part of the scholarships, TAFE SA will require the applicant to move to its campus in the Barossa Valley for the length of their education. You could qualify for one of these scholarships if you are ready to start studying from the second semester this July and can meet the other conditions. In both options, TAFE SA will issue the scholarship amount of $7,500 per semester for the 2-year course. 

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