Where to Get a Scholarship in Australia as an International Student

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If you are looking to pursue higher education in Australia, but feel a certain constraint financially, it is a good idea to seek a scholarship. It can efficiently aid you in financing your studies and mitigating your costs in Australia. Almost every scholarship will cover a part of or the entirety of your university tuition fees.

There are several scholarships on offer for international students in Australia. However, it takes much research to find the right scholarship for your financial situation and academic goals. To simplify this process for you, we have compiled top scholarships available in Australia.

Some universities assess applicants for scholarships as they apply for eligible programs or courses. On the other hand, some universities need students to fill out separate applications for scholarships. There is no need for an international student to undergo a specific examination for a scholarship in Australia. All they have to do is to meet what the university requires for its scholarship. One of the requirements may be for an international student to have an IELTS score to prove their proficiency in the English language.

Scholarships are provided based on merit, needs, nationalities, or courses in Australia. A student with a scholarship from one university usually cannot get a scholarship from another university in Australia. When it comes to course-specific scholarships, PhD candidates could qualify for scholarships at certain universities if they undergo a specific research project.

The scholarship amount can differ according to student profile and can range from 10% to 100% of your tuition fee. Usually, doctoral programs in Australia come with fully-funded scholarships. There are scholarships that the universities provide under their names, besides government scholarships in Australia.

Let's take a look at the scholarships available at some of the best universities in various regions of Australia. 

Scholarships in Sydney 

University Name

Scholarship Name

Scholarship Value

Eligibility Requirements

The University of Sydney

Sydney Scholars Awards

$6,000 for one year

  • A domestic or an international student
  • A high achiever in academics, with an ATAR score of at least 95
  • Applying for a UG program at the University of Sydney

University of Technology Sydney

Undergraduate Academic Excellence International Scholarship

25% of University of Technology Sydney Tuition Fees

  • An international student, but not one with PR in Australia and not a New Zealand citizen
  • Year 12 in Australia or its equivalent, UTS-recognised overseas qualification
  • Admission criteria for the chosen undergraduate coursework program at UTS
  • Full-time, on-campus study

 The University of Newcastle

Onshore Excellence Scholarship

$1,250 for every 10 study units

  • An international student without government funding
  • Starting an eligible degree program at a campus specified in the Offer Letter from the university

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Scholarships in Melbourne

University Name

Scholarship Name


Eligibility Requirements

Monash University

Monash University International Merit Scholarship

$10,000 annually for the length of time of the eligible degree

  • Have a valid Monash University course offer
  • For future students, be enrolled in a full-time UG or PG coursework degree on an Australian campus of Monash University
  • For existing students, must have finished two or more semesters in the country

RMIT University

Australia Awards Scholarship

  • Country-dependent
  • May cover tuition fees, OSHC costs and other costs, and a stipend
  • A student with citizenship of any country that takes part in an Australia Awards Scholarship
  • The country-specific and general eligibility requirements in the Australia Awards Scholarships Policy Handbook

Federation University

Federation University Australia Global Innovator Scholarship

A 20% discount on the yearly tuition fee for the whole length of a UG or PG program

  • An international student with a valid student visa
  • Enrolled in an eligible course starting in the 2022 summer semester

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

International Student Scholarship

$1,000 credit to the tuition fee

  • An international student who pays the full course cost
  • Enrolled in a full-time vocational or higher education course for 1 year or more
  • Offer a reference from a Holmesglen Institute faculty member

Deakin University

Deakin International Scholarship

25% off from the tuition fee

  • An international student
  • An average of 65% or its equivalent in your previous studies
  • Qualify for a Deakin University coursework degree

Scholarships in Brisbane

University Name

Scholarship Name


Basic Eligibility Requirements

Griffith University

International Student Academic Merit Scholarship

20% of the tuition fee for the eligible course duration

  • A student who has citizenship of a nation except for New Zealand and Australia
  • In earlier studies, a GPA of least 5.0
  • English language and academic entry criteria for the chosen UG or PG coursework program
  • Be a participant in a full-time UG or PG coursework program starting this year or in 2023

Southern Cross University

Destination Australia Scholarship

$15,000 a Year

  • A New Zealander, an Australian, or an international student with a PR visa or a student visa
  • Enrolled in a full-time course starting in 2022 that lasts 1 year on SCU’s Coffs Harbour or Lismore campus
  • Preference to Diploma of Health (unavailable to an international student), Diploma of Arts and Social Sciences, and Diploma of Science

Queensland University of Technology

Human Factors in Collaborative Robotics (PhD Scholarship)

$34,013 a year for three years, which could be extended with satisfactory progress

  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) entry requirements
  • Enrolled in the capacity of a full-time, internal student
  • Take on research aligned to the topics featured on the website of the Australian Cobotics Centre under the supervision of an ACC investigator

Torrens University

New Brisbane Scholarship

Up to 35% of the tuition fee for students from European Union or Latin America, or:

Up to 30% of the tuition fee for students from regions other than the above-mentioned

  • An international studen
  • Be enrolled in an eligible course on Torrens University’s Brisbane campus
  • Have an IELTS score of at least 6.5 or its equivalent test score

Scholarships in Perth

University Name

Scholarship Name


Basic Eligibility Requirements

The University of Western Australia

Global Excellence Scholarship

Course- and ATAR -dependent

Up to $5,000 annually for an ATAR of between 88.00 and 92.95

Up to $7,000 for an ATAR of between 93.00 to 97.95

Up to $9,000 for an ATAR of between 98.00 and 98.95

Up to $12,000 per year for an ATAR of 99

  • Be an international student from one of the university-specified countries
  • Have got a UWA offer letter for an eligible UG or PG course
  • Have an ATAR of at least 88.00 or a Weighted Average Mark of 70.00 to 85.00+

Murdoch University

Welcome Back International Scholarship

20% off from the tuition fee

  • An international who must pay the whole fee with no government subsidies
  • Study in an eligible coursework degree at a Western Australian campus of Murdoch University in 2022, 2023 or 2024

Curtin University

Curtin International Merit Scholarship

A 25% discount on the tuition fee for the first year

  • An international student enrolling in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program
  • A student who starts their studies for the first time on a Western Australia campus of Curtin University
  • Have as many as 200 credit points

Perth College of Business and Technology

PCBT Diversity Scholarship

Between $500 and $3,900, depending on the enrolled course duration

  • An international student
  • Enrolled in a course commencing in August, September or October 2022
  • PCBT’s admission requirements

Edith Cowan University

International Masters Scholarship

20% reduction from the tuition fee for the eligible course’s first year

  • Be a student from one of the select countries
  • An ECU offer between June 13, 2022, and August 05, 2023, for an eligible postgraduate course on the Mount Lawley or Joondalup campus of ECU in November 2022 or 2023 Semester One/Two

Scholarships in asmania

University Name

Scholarship Name


Basic Eligibility Requirements

University of Tasmania

Tasmanian International Scholarship

25% tuition fee reduction for the course duration

  • An international student commencing studies at University of Tasmania
  • Select undergraduate and postgraduate courses

Scholarships in adelaide

University Name

Scholarship Name


Basic Eligibility Requirements

The University of Adelaide

Global Citizens Scholarship

15 to 30% of your tuition fee for the eligible course

  • Commence your studies in any discipline at the university between 2021 and 2025
  • Have a GPA score of at least 5.0 for the 15% scholarship or at least 6.0 for the 30% scholarship
  • Be a citizen of any nation other than New Zealand and Australia

Flinders University

International SACE Scholarship

15% off from the tuition fee for an ATAR of 65 to 70

25% off from the tuition fee for an ATAR of 70 to 80

30% tuition fee reduction for an ATAR of above 80

  • A non-New Zealander, and an international student who must pay the full course fee
  • Commence an undergraduate program with Flinders University from 2022 semester 2
  • An ATAR of at least 65
  • Go beyond the entry score of Flinders by an ATAR of 5.0

University of South Australia

International Merit Scholarship

15% off from the tuition fee

  • Be an onshore international student
  • The requirements to qualify for the eligible Bachelor’s or Masters by Coursework degree
  • Maintain a GPA of 4.50 or equivalent

Find the right scholarship today with us!

Enter your text here ..You could hold multiple scholarships at the same time in Australia if it is permissible under the policies of the university or universities in question. Therefore, be sure to go through the list of university criteria for a scholarship. Remember the last date to apply for a scholarship as well!

Here's hoping that you get to enrol in the higher education provider of your dreams and find the scholarship that best fits you, with the help of our compiled data. If you need further assistance in this regard, feel free to reach out to our counsellors at AECC Global.

We are here to help you land your dream course in Australia, or elsewhere in the world!

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