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Why become a Psychologist in Australia?

Australia is an exciting country to study psychology.  Here are a few compelling reasons to study the course in Australia. 

Migration opportunity - Psychology is listed on the MLTSSL (Medium and Long-term Strategic skills list), which is the list of highly demanded occupations in Australia. Therefore, the chances of acquiring PR in Australia through the General Skilled Migration program are higher for the psychology graduates. 

Quality of education - World-class degree programs in both Bachelors and Masters degrees are attainable in Australia; These Universities are known for the high standards in the research field especially. Some of which have managed to find the best spots in the QS World University Rankings for Psychology.

High job security - The unemployment rate in the Psychology field is very less compared to other professions and a similar trend can be observed across the world. The U.S Bureau of Labour Statistics reports an expected 12 percent increase in all psychology jobs between 2012 and 2022.   

High-value scholarships -  You can study psychology with high-value scholarships in Australia. You can get government scholarships, regional scholarships, university scholarships etc.

Excellent student community - Australian Universities are home to the best student communities for international students that create a strong sense of belonging and provide support to overcome the challenges of living in a new country.     

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