Which Courses are Eligible for PR in Australia?

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Getting PR in Australia is not that hard if you pursue the proper qualification. Many courses are available in Australia that leads to a PR pathway, including nursing, IT, engineering, and trade courses. This article briefs about the best courses for PR with top universities and career opportunities, so if you are also interested, continue reading.

What is the PR System in Australia?

Permanent Residency or PR is a status in Australia that almost every international student and immigrant covets. It allows staying in Australia permanently, working and studying here, applying for citizenship, and having several other privileges that citizens enjoy. It is not the same as an Australian citizenship, though. With an Australian PR status, you are entitled to get almost all the rights of an Aussie citizen.

Now that you know what permanent residency means, we will discuss how to get PR in Australia. There are different pathways to Australian PR, including the Skilled Migration program. It is a program that grants PR based on the work experience and skills of the applicant.

Every year, the Australian Department of Home Affairs publishes a compilation of in-demand jobs that play a part in the development of the nation. An international student who completes a course related to a job on the Skilled Occupation list in Australia, has a greater chance of getting Australian Permanent Residency. In other words, every student who wants to settle in the nation should pursue a course with a high prospect for PR that will keep being in demand for a while.

Later, we will discuss some of the courses, but not all. Therefore, be sure to look for the latest PR list courses in Australia, for a better idea about your possible options. Several international students still apply for Australian PR statuses after graduation.

The Process

Applying for Australian PR requires you to not only undergo an English proficiency test and a skill assessment but also to submit an Expression of Interest to the government through its online service known as SkillSelect. As you register with SkillSelect, you must produce certain pieces of information, including your work experience, and English test details.

An integral aspect of the program, skill assessment aids in choosing the immigrant having the right attributes for coming to Australia. You cannot apply for PR without undergoing this assessment. It is the stage in which an authority assesses your claims about work experience and educational qualifications. According to your nominated job, a particular assessment body will assess your skills.

Getting the assessment done requires you to satisfy the conditions that the authority that evaluates your occupation outlines. You should possess the related experience and qualifications for a positive skill assessment. This means that the assessment requires your job to be associated with your specific work experience. In the event of a mismatch, you would not obtain the necessary points for PR.

After your EOI is processed, the Department of Home Affairs will invite you to submit an application for an Australian permanent visa. To get the invitation, you must have 65 PR points or more. The higher your points are, the earlier it will invite you for the application.

Besides, applying for the visa requires you to submit every required document in its complete and authentic form. If there are any discrepancies in your documentation, it could play a part in a negative skill assessment.

The PR visa in Australia stays valid for five years. You would be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship if you live and work here for four years with the said visa. The PR status or visa allows for the following:

  • Applying for some educational loans in Australia
  • Sponsoring the permanent residency of your family members, subject to meeting some prerequisites
  • Applying for a government job
  • Education for free for children of a particular age group

To qualify for PR in Australia under the skilled migration program, you will have to meet many requirements, including a specific number of points. PR points in Australia are awarded on the basis of factors such as your age, proficiency in English, educational qualification, and more. Qualifying for the visa requires at least 65 points for now, but remember that Australia can make changes to the system.

Australia’s point-based system of immigration requires the immigrant to choose a job that comes in the so-called Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The list will contain jobs with skill shortages in Australia and the specific visas available for them. There is a specific authority that assesses the skills related to each occupation in that list.

PR Course List

Talking about occupations, what holds the key for you is choosing the right course that will lead to PR. Here, we will discuss a compilation of courses with the highest PR prospects. That said, keep yourself up to date with the latest PR list courses in Australia to be sure that you have the maximum chance for permanent residency in Australia.

Every nation requires professionals from the fields of computer science and information technology, including Australia. The booming economy of the nation satisfies the needs and demands of IT professionals having degrees from recognized Australian universities well. Many different universities here offer various courses in the fields. Taking up those courses open up many career opportunities for students, besides improving their odds of getting qualified for PR in Australia.

Some of the jobs on the latest Skilled Occupation List are ICT security specialist, ICT business analyst, as well as computer network, and systems engineer.

TOP Universities to Study Computer and IT

  • The University of Melbourne.

  • Australian National University.

  • RMIT University.

  • The University of Queensland.

  • The University of Sydney.

  • University of New South Wales.

  • La Trobe University.

Jobs after Computer and IT

Job Profile

Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

ICT Support Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Tester


Systems Analyst


Developer Programmer


Among other things, Australia is renowned for its education system. A student who pursues a teaching career can inspire the curious minds of students, thus having an impact on the nation’s development. It will make it possible for them to submit an application for PR here. Taking up a teaching course in Australia possibly contributes to several career opportunities, such as lecturer at a university to name one.

The latest jobs that come on the list for this category include early childhood teacher, primary school teacher, and special needs teacher.

TOP Universities to Study Teaching and Education

  • Monash University.

  • Deakin University.

  • The University of Queensland.

  • The University of Sydney.

  • The University of Canberra.

  • The University of Wollongong. 

Jobs after Teaching and Education

Job Profile

Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

Primary Teacher


University Lecturer


Vocational Education Teacher


Secondary School Teacher


Special Needs Teacher


Engineering is among the best-known options on the PR list courses in Australia that international students choose for the top-quality curriculum from a world-class university in the nation. Australian universities provide a wide array of courses in engineering to international students. There is a high demand for engineers in Australia.

Civil engineering technician, civil engineering draftsperson, electrical engineering technician and electrical engineering draftsperson are among the engineering occupations that feature on the latest list.

Submit an Equiry

TOP Universities to Study Engineering

  • The University of Melbourne.

  • Australian National University.

  • RMIT University.

  • Monash University.

  • The University of Queensland.

  • The University of Sydney.

  • University of New South Wales.

  • The University of Technology Sydney.

Jobs after Engineering

Job Profile

Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

Aeronautical Engineer


Agricultural Engineer


Chemical Engineer


Electrical Engineer


Electronics Engineer


Industrial Engineer


Environmental Engineer


Materials Engineer


Geographical Engineer


Mechanical Engineer 


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  • There is a top-notch healthcare system in Australia. It is among the best nations for pursuing a healthcare career. Therefore, thousands of international students and locals pursue Australian nursing courses for a solid basis for their healthcare careers. Universities in Australia are known for offering top-notch healthcare programs at various levels. Because nursing is among the most coveted courses in Australia’s healthcare industry, it has high prospects for PR.

    The population is increasing in Australia, so there is more demand for adept medical workers as well. Registered nurses, nursing clinical director, and nurse practitioner are among the jobs featuring on the 2022 list.

    TOP Universities to Study Nursing and Midwife

    • The University of Technology Sydney.

    • The University of Sydney.

    • Monash University.

    • Griffith University.

    • The University of Adelaide.

    • La Trobe University.

    Jobs after Nursing and Midwife

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)



    Nurse Practitioner


    Registered Nurse


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  • Courses in social work appeal to students from across the globe. They are interested in pursuing the courses so that they can work with the underprivileged and make a big difference to other people’s lives by offering advice, support, or assistance to integrate socially displaced people back into society.

    It is possible for you to pursue a different course in social work in Australia, such as a course in psychiatry to name one. Moreover, having a degree in social work will allow you to apply for a job that comes on the PR list courses in Australia. The latest SOL includes occupations such as social worker, welfare worker, and welfare centre manager.

    TOP Universities to Study Social Work

    • Monash University.

    • The University of South Australia.

    • Federation University Australia.

    • The University of Auckland.

    • The University of Melbourne.

    • La Trobe University.

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    Jobs after Social Work

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    Community Worker


    Family Support Worker


    Welfare Centre Manager 


    Welfare Worker



    Pursuing a dentistry course in Australia will offer many exciting career options for you and will contribute to you getting your PR in Australia. Any international student can pursue a dental degree course at an eligible Australian university.

    Moreover, after completing the degree, you may pick between a few of Australia’s best-known dentistry careers, such as dental therapist, dental prosthetist, dental hygienist, and dental technician. You can choose another career path, such as teaching or general practice to name one.

    Dental specialist and dentist are the latest options available on the SOL.

    TOP Universities to Study Dentistry

    • Curtin University.

    • Charles Sturt University.

    • The University of Adelaide.

    • The University of Queensland.

    • James Cook University.

    • The University of Western Australia.

    • CQ University.

    Jobs after Dentistry

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)



    Dental Therapist


    Dental Prosthetist


    Dental Technician


    Dental Hygienist


    Skilled jobs for permanent residency in Australia include psychology courses. A country that values mental wellbeing, Australia always sees high requirements for psychology occupations, such as counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and more. Most universities in Australia offer a wide variety of courses in psychology, including bachelor’s in psychology.

    Clinical psychologist, organisational psychologist and educational psychologist are the options featuring on the latest skilled occupations list.

    TOP Universities to Study Psychology

    • The University of Sydney

    • Curtin University - Australia

    • Monash University

    • Federation University Australia

    Jobs after Psychology 

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    Clinical psychologist


    Organisational psychologist


    educational psychologist


    Studying an MBBS or MD course in Australia also allows getting PR since medical practitioners are in high demand here. In a general sense, these courses take 5 to 7 years to complete as well as are available as MCI or WHO-certified options that can contribute to internships and placements in medical science.

    Medical oncologist, medical laboratory scientist, resident medical officer, and medical practitioners are some of the latest inclusions on the SOL.

    TOP Universities to Study Medical Courses 

    • The University of Melbourne.

    • Australian National University.

    • The University of Sydney.

    • Deakin University.

    • The University of Tasmania.

    • University of New South Wales.

    Jobs after Medical Courses 

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    Medical Practitioner


    Resident Medical Officer


    General Practitioner


    Trade Qualification Courses

    Several institutions and colleges in Australia offer trade courses leading to opportunities for employment positions like welder, carpenter, cabinet maker, and electrician to name some. Applying for a trade job in Australia requires a diploma, certificate III / IV or bachelor’s degree, alongside completing TRA assessment. Pursuing a trade qualification course in Australia generally requires less cost than a relatively higher degree program.

    Painting trades worker is one of the latest occupations on the list.

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  • Pursuing an automotive course in Australia offers more than enough opportunities for every international student who is passionate about vehicles. It lets them get PR in Australia as well.

    Automotive industry occupations in Australia with a high demand, include automotive electrician, diesel motor mechanic, motorcycle mechanic and motor mechanic. Finishing your education will allow you to apply for one of those positions and begin a career in Australia’s automotive sector.

    Automotive electrician, motorcycle mechanic, and diesel motor mechanic are three of the occupations on the SOL.

    TOP Universities to Study Automotive

    • RMIT University.

    • Edith Cowan University.

    • Kangan Institute.

    • TAFE Western Australia.

    • Baxter Institute.

    Jobs after Automotive

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    General Mechanic


    Motor Mechanic


    Automotive Electrician


    Diesel Motor Mechanic


    A building and construction course will provide you with the opportunity to study and implement many building techniques. Besides, it will teach you in what way to work at a construction venue as well as cope with construction activities, safety standards and more.

    When you finish this course, you will have the option to work as a joiner, carpenter, builder, bricklayer, rigger, construction project manager, construction estimator, building inspector, roof tiler, floor tiler or a similar professional.

    The updated SOL includes occupations such as building inspector, building associate, and construction project manager.

    TOP Universities to Study Building and Construction

    • The University of Melbourne

    • Curtin University - Australia

    • Deakin University

    • Victoria University

    • Western Sydney University

    Jobs after Building and Construction

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)


    $ 35.81







    construction project manager


    construction estimator


    building inspector


     roof tiler


    floor tiler


    Pursuing a culinary course can also aid you in getting permanent residency as it is among the best PR courses in Australia. Australia’s hospitality sector has restaurants and hotels that always require proficient sous chefs and chefs. Are you passionate about hotel management, baking, or cooking? If so, take up any of those courses and realise your hospitality dreams. When you want to get more PR points in Australia while working in this sector, you could pick from an array of courses in hospitality at recognised educational institutions in the country.

    Pastrycook, cook, and chef are among the skilled occupations that the government now demands in this category.

    TOP Universities to Study Cooking and Chef Courses

    • The University of Melbourne

    • The University of Sydney

    • Curtin University - Australia

    • Deakin University

    Jobs after Cooking and Chef Courses

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    Pastry cook






    Plumbers are in high demand in Australia. Almost all the plumbing work is performed on domestic, retail, and commercial construction sites in Australia. So, studying a course in plumbing at a top Australian institution will make you ready for the related duties, and you would get enough expertise to complement your training at work. You would also learn about roofing, sanitary services, pipe fabrication, mechanical services, welding, reading plans, and many other things. After graduation, you would get the skills, confidence and experience required to get a job in the plumbing field. The most recent SOL includes occupations like general plumber, roof plumber, as well as air-conditioning and mechanical services plumber.

    TOP Universities to Study Plumbing

    • The University of Melbourne

    • The University of Sydney

    • Deakin University

    • Monash University

    • RMIT University

    Jobs after Plumbing

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    general plumber


    roof plumber


    mechanical services plumber 


    Painting and Decoration

    Pursuing a painting and decoration course in Australia allows an international student to have a pathway to PR. Experts expect around 11% job growth for the construction sector down the line, meaning there would be more demand for painting trades workers than ever before.

    Studying this course will also let you work in paint application, traditional spray painting, timber staining, wallpapering or a similar area. Further, as a painter or decorator, you can work on the interior or exterior of a residential or commercial building in Australia.

    Wall and floor tiler, solid plasterer, painting trades worker, and fibrous plasterer comprise the latest entries on the SOL.

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    TOP Universities to Study  Painting and Decoration

    • The University of Melbourne

    • The University of Sydney

    • RMIT University

    • Deakin University

    Jobs after Painting and Decoration

    Job Profile

    Salary (Annual) (Approx.) (in AUD.)

    solid plasterer


    painting trades worker


    fibrous plasterer 


    Other PR Trade Courses in Australia

    You may enrol yourself in one of these courses for PR in Australia.

    • Engineering fabrication
    • Electrical engineering technician
    • Boat building
    • Plastering
    • Joinery
    • Air conditioning and refrigeration

    Sheetmetal trades worker, carpenter, cabinetmaker, and electrician are among the latest additions to the list.

    Frequently Asked Questions About PR in Australia

    How to Become an Australian Permanent Resident?

    Apply for a permanent visa to live, study and work indefinitely in Australia. The most prevalent permanent visa option comes under the Skilled Migration program of Australia. When you submit the application, you will have to satisfy Australia’s visa requirements. Explore the eligibility criteria for every single visa to know what the requirements are.

    How To Increase Points for Australian PR?

    Your age, qualifications, English language proficiency, work experience and many other factors play a part in your overall PR points. As you can see, some of those factors are beyond your control but others are not. For instance, earning a doctorate or PhD degree will give you the maximum PR points through education. Another trick to increase the points is to leave the ‘end date’ option in your EOI for your current job empty. It will make the government update your points for work experience to each new day. There are many other ways of boosting points for PR in Australia.

    What is the Easiest Way to Get Australia PR in 2022?

    It hinges on numerous factors. Each migration program in Australia has its own terms, eligibility criteria, and selection conditions. The Skilled Migration category will get the maximum openings, as per the immigration plan of the Australian government. Therefore, you should prioritise it as you apply for an Australian PR visa. When you have the necessary PR points and match the qualifying conditions, you would have a greater possibility of getting PR through this category.

    How Long Does It Take to Get PR In Australia?

    Several factors will affect the visa processing time, including the visa category you choose for PR as well as your visa application and documentation. Nevertheless, according to the Department of Home Affairs, the general time for PR is about 8 t

    How Soon Can I Get My Australian Visa After Filing an Application for It?

    Annually, the government publishes an updated list of jobs with the highest prospects for permanent residency in Australia. So, from a PR perspective, some jobs in Australia have more demand than others. It means that you should pursue the course that will lead you to a job that comes on the list for as much chance of getting PR as possible. Look for courses on the PR list in Australia to keep yourself in the loop in this regard.

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