5 Essential Things You Need to Know About Myki

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How to Make Use of Myki

Getting in and out of Melbourne CBD is easy and cheap. Thanks to Melbourne’s massive public transport network, you can travel anywhere at any time by train, tram, or bus. And as a commuter, one special item you should never leave behind is myki.

What is Myki?

Myki is a reusable smart card that serves as your ticket throughout your journey in Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, the Latrobe Valley, Seymour, and Warragul. There are approximately 800 retailers where you can buy and top up your myki such as ticket office window at Premium type of stations, all 7-Eleven stores, and myki machines placed in train stations, major trams, and bus.

How to use Myki?

As you enter the train station or board the bus or tram, make sure to touch on your myki at a reader then touch off as you get off. Keep in mind that myki readers work slow or malfunction at times. So always be cautious when touching on your myki card. Take out your myki from the pocket of your phone case or in any case and place it flat on the reader. Other cards in your myki case may confuse the reader due to RFID technology; unable to detect your myki ticket.

When to touch on and off?

You should touch on the first time you use myki for a specific course of your travel to register its date and time expiration. However, travelling within the ‘Free Tram Zone’ is not necessarily requiring you to touch on and off. You must touch off on buses and trains or else you will be charged as the myki reader may assume that you had a two-zone trip. To check the status of your myki, place it on the reader of myki machines.

What are myki fines?

Violations like not carrying a valid myki with you as you travel or not touching on and off at a myki reader are fare evasion—also known as myki fines. When caught by an authorized officer, you are charged with on-the-spot penalty fare of $75. This fine is to be paid straightaway.

Instances where fines are committed:

  • traveling without a valid ticket or failing to produce a valid ticket on request
  • traveling on concession ticket without evidence of concession eligibility or failing to produce on request

How to get out of Myki fine?

If you encountered a circumstance which may lead you to Penalty, secure proof of possible evidence that will help you get out of the fine. For example, if the myki reader is not functioning properly, taking a photo will be helpful. Record the reader’s number and try to get the contact details of a person who witnessed the incident.

If you feel that you are unfairly fined, contact the Public Transport Ombudsman (Victoria) on 1800 466 865 to file a complaint and to seek for support.

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