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Social Work - Jobs

Career options after course completion

MSW graduates are employed by government and private organizations to work in the following areas

  • Child protection 
  • Family welfare, 
  • Financial support to low-income families, 
  • Refugee rights and aid, 
  • Indigenous community rights, 
  • Human rights, 
  • Mental health support, 
  • Substance abuse and rehabilitation, 
  • Women empowerment 
  • Housing
  • Disability and aged care services
  • Community health services
  • Early intervention and child protection
  • Employment services

Social Work Courses in Australia

In Australia, becoming a social worker requires completing a Bachelor of Social Work program. This course offers a balance of theoretical and hands-on clinical experiences. Another option for those who already hold a tertiary degree is to finish a two-year Master of Social Work program.

Bachelor of Social Work

The four-year Bachelor of Social Work program will provide you with the necessary skills to work in various fields of social work and human services. Upon completion, you will be recognized as a professional and eligible for membership with the Australian Association of Social Workers.

Master of Social Work

A Master's degree in Social Work enables you to build on your current understanding and hands-on experience in direct practice. This advanced degree can give you an edge in the job market, higher earning potential, and more advancement opportunities. Additionally, the Master of Social Work program offers a pathway for individuals from other industries to transition into the social work field without completing a bachelor's degree.

Keep in mind that certain Bachelor and Master of Social Work programs result in automatic registration while some or not. Contact any of our aecc counselors to know more.

Employment Opportunities for a Social Worker

Social workers can be found in a wide range of fields related to community and social welfare and may work for the state, territory, and federal government departments, hospitals, community health centres, local government authorities, or non-government organisations. Some social workers also choose to work independently as counsellors, therapists, or consultants. Their extensive education and experience also make them suitable for positions such as project officers, policymakers, managers, or administrators, even outside of the traditional social work field.

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