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How to become an Engineer in Australia?

Becoming an Engineer in Australia is quite a straightforward process. You complete your degree, gain work experience through internships, apprenticeship and then convert those opportunities into full-time jobs and then apply for the right visa to live in the country. If you possess sufficient skills and knowledge, you might very well be able to land a job immediately after graduation. 

Complete your education: Complete a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a recognised university in Australia. While studying, acquire work experience by doing internships and part-time jobs. Work keenly on improving your knowledge and skills on the constant development in your field. The key to standing out as an Engineer in Australia is to make yourself a highly desirable candidate for employers. 

Enhance your skills: After the completion of your course, study career-advancing courses such as diploma courses or certificate courses. These courses help you in many ways such as introduction to niche areas in your industry, new contacts, networking opportunities, job referrals etc. Also, become a member of professional bodies for Engineers in Australia.

Internships are key: Starting out as an intern is one of the best ways to lay a strong foundation for your career. You get to work with experts, understand how theoretical concepts translate into real-world products, exposure to the corporate environment etc. A successful internship should improve your technical skills and soft skills as well. Therefore always look out for internships with top organisations and innovative start-ups.

Land a job: You can obtain a temporary graduate visa after your studies and stay in Australia to find a job and gain local work experience. Once you have obtained a job, devise the right career and visa plans and make yourself eligible for permanent residency.  

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