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Melbourne is among the best student cities in Australia and has been a big draw for international students for a long time. Student life in Melbourne is simply awesome, thanks to the array of cultural events, sporting events, festivals, restaurants, cafes, and nightlife options here. Whether you have been a Melbourne resident or have moved from a different area, you would agree with us.

So, in a nutshell, what is it like living in Melbourne as a student from overseas? Alongside the several world-famous universities, Melbourne comes to life with culture, art, and architecture. Melbourne also offers many hotspots such as lively nightclubs and stunning beaches. All of these play a part in ensuring a great student life in Melbourne City. Read on to uncover more interesting details about Melbourne, making it a big hit among international students.

International Student Expo in Melbourne 

Melbourne City is generally regarded as being safe and there is actual data that supports this argument. For instance, Melbourne ranked 9th in the 2021, Safe Cities Index, up from 10th in the 2019 index. The index takes several factors into consideration when ranking global cities in terms of safety for their inhabitants. Melbourne's world ranking is also high in terms of factors such as personal security, health security, digital security, environmental security, and infrastructure security. 

Melbourne is Easy to Navigate 

It is easy to find your way around Melbourne City thanks to its excellent transportation system. The tram system in Melbourne, especially, makes it a breeze to travel between places and get around the city. Melbourne also has several ride-share service vehicles, taxis, walking paths, and bicycle lanes. 

Melbourne Brims with Arts, Culture, and Architecture 

The City of Melbourne is known as Australia's cultural capital, and for good reason. It plays host to several opera and theatre productions, alongside festivals and concerts. The Melbourne Museum displays natural and historical wonders through its transitory and permanent collections. The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Melbourne International Arts Festival are popular events.

Melbourne also has many stunning pieces of architecture for you to admire, which include the State Library Victoria, Flinders Street Station, and the Victorian-era buildings along the city's high streets.

Melburnians Love Sports 

Melbourne also hosts several big sporting events. Local people love to watch their favourite team in action in the Australian Football League (AFL). If you are not keen on AFL, you may watch and participate in several other forms of sport as well. The Ashes Test on Boxing Day, the Australian Grand Prix, the Spring Racing Carnival, and the Australian Open are some of your best options as a non-AFL fan. 

Melbourne Boasts Great Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants 

There are so many restaurants and cafes in Melbourne that you will never go hungry for a lack of options as an international student here. Restaurants in Melbourne plate international cuisines up, so you can have something from a specific nation every night here. It will also be fun for you to discover the many laneway bars in Melbourne.

Student Discounts in Melbourne

There is another positive side to being an international student in Melbourne. If you love art, for instance, you could get student discounts to fit your artistic interest into your budget. As an international student, you can avail concessions on museums and some events in Melbourne. This is among the best things about life in Melbourne for international students.

Melbourne is Multicultural 

Melbourne has scores of international students, so it offers plenty of opportunities for them to network while learning further about different forms of culture. According to many international students, this is the best aspect of Melbourne student life. Melbourne, being multicultural, allows you to meet and acquaint yourself with people from different parts of the world. It is especially admirable how cultural diversity in Melbourne is included in events, parties, and food. For instance, Federation Square frequently hosts special events celebrating Melbourne's multicultural aspect.

Melbourne Has Some of the World's Best Universities 

Melbourne is not short of high-ranking universities either. Many Melbourne universities rank highly in global evaluations thanks to how good their research is. For instance, Monash University and the University of Melbourne feature in the top 100 category of the 2023 QS University Rankings.

Universities in Victoria provide cutting-edge amenities, internationally-engaged academics, impressive graduate outcomes, and standard research across 96 fields of study in the ERA (Excellence in Research Australia) rankings.

So, whether your higher education entails technical training, business, research, or the English language, you will learn with the finest on campuses offering a rewarding and rich student experience. Speaking of student experience, next, we will talk about another aspect of what the future holds for you as an international student in Australia. 

International Student Expo in Melbourne 

At AECC Global, we are hosting an International Student Expo in Melbourne this September. This event will allow you to get a broader understanding of Australian migration pathways, popular courses related to the pathways, scholarships, educational options, career paths after graduation, and more. Our migration agents and educational counsellors will be on hand to address your queries, help you with university applications, as well as pick the educational and permanent residency pathway options that suit you.

It is always a good idea to gain in-depth knowledge about things such as PR, visa changes, and so forth from experts. You cannot learn everything from the internet, and the same applies to education and migration. Take, for instance, the information about when a particular university in Australia will take in students for the next term. In the case of migration, we describe those dates as intake dates and the new students as intakes.

You cannot find such information on every university website, and it may vary depending on the institution and program. On the other hand, a migration agent will always have the most up-to-date information regarding this kind of matter. It will aid you in better planning your studies and holidays in Melbourne. You can also gain such knowledge by attending the event so as to be one step ahead of other students! 

Registrations Now Open for the AECC Global International Student Expo! 

If you want to learn more about the event, feel free to explore here. Let us meet one-on-one during the expo and work on carving out an ideal future in Australia for you as an international student. You will benefit from this discussion in more ways than one. 

Found it helpful? We can help you take it further. Contact us and get all your queries on PR, visas, migration, scholarships, and others answered today! 

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