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Are you contemplating the steps to become an Australian citizen and curious about the financial aspect of the application process? This blog will guide you through the various fees associated with the citizenship application process in Australia, ensuring you have all the necessary information to plan your journey towards becoming an Australian citizen. 

General Eligibility and Fees

For those looking to call Australia home, the journey begins with understanding the costs involved in applying for citizenship. The primary route for many applicants is through general eligibility, requiring the completion of Form 1300t. This application comes with a fee of $540, a sum that covers the administrative costs of processing the citizenship application.

However, the Australian government recognises that this fee might not be affordable for everyone. Therefore, it offers a reduced fee of $75 for applicants who hold a Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Australian Government. This concession aims to make the process more accessible to individuals who might find the standard fee challenging.

Moreover, families applying for citizenship will find relief in knowing that children under 16 years old, who are included on the same application form as a responsible parent, are exempt from any fees. This exemption is designed to ease the financial burden on families seeking to secure their future in Australia together.

Other Situations

Not everyone fits into the general eligibility category, and for those who find themselves in different circumstances, Form 1290 is the pathway to citizenship. This application is tailored for "other situations" and is accompanied by a fee of $330. Recognising the diverse backgrounds of applicants, the government also extends a fee concession for this form, setting it at $40 for eligible individuals.

Similar to the general eligibility route, children under 16 years applying alongside a responsible parent do not incur any fees. This policy underscores the government's commitment to family unity and the importance of making citizenship accessible to the younger generation.

Special Categories and Exemptions

Understanding the financial aspect of applying for Australian citizenship extends beyond just knowing the fees. It's also about recognising the opportunities for fee concessions and exemptions that exist for certain groups within the community.

Notably, there are no fees for:

  • British and Maltese former child migrants who arrived in Australia under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme between 22 September 1947 and 31 December 1967. These individuals must provide a letter from the Child Migrants Trust to support their application.
  • Individuals who have served at least 90 days in the permanent forces of the Commonwealth of Australia. Eligibility for this exemption requires submission of discharge papers or a letter from the Australian Defence Force detailing the service.
  • Persons applying under the Statelessness provision of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007. This exemption acknowledges the unique challenges faced by stateless individuals and provides a pathway to citizenship.

These exemptions are part of Australia's commitment to recognising the contributions and circumstances of individuals within its community. They ensure that the process of becoming a citizen is inclusive and accessible to those who have already contributed significantly to the country or find themselves in special circumstances.

In simple terms, the Australian government has structured the citizenship application process to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Whether through general eligibility, other situations, or special exemptions, the goal is to welcome new citizens into the Australian community without undue financial burden.

Additional Application Types

The Australian citizenship journey includes other forms, such as Form 118 for citizenship by descent ($345, with a reduced fee for subsequent siblings applying together), and Form 1272 for children adopted under full Hague Convention or bilateral arrangements ($345, with a similar reduction for siblings). The application for renunciation of Australian citizenship (Form 128) is set at $290, while the fee to resume Australian citizenship (Form 132) is $230. Lastly, the application for evidence of Australian citizenship (Form 119) carries a fee of $265, with no fee required under specific conditions related to natural disasters.

Payment and Surcharge Information

Payments for these applications are streamlined through the 'My Payments' section of ImmiAccount, facilitating easy and secure transactions. Applicants should be aware of potential surcharges that may apply, further detailed on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Understanding the Fees

Understanding the citizenship fee Australia is crucial for all potential applicants. The Australian citizenship application fees vary depending on the form and specific circumstances of the applicant, including fee concessions and exemptions that can significantly reduce the financial burden for eligible individuals.

For those wondering, how much does it cost to become an Australian citizen, it's clear that the fees are structured to accommodate a wide range of applicants, from those applying through general eligibility to others in unique situations or seeking to resume or renounce their citizenship.

Exploring the citizenship application fee in Australia is a crucial step on the path to becoming a citizen. The process encompasses a variety of forms, fees, concessions, and exemptions, all structured to ensure inclusivity and accessibility.

For more comprehensive information and support with your application, reaching out to AECC is recommended. Keep in mind, getting to know the Citizenship Application Fees in Australia is your initial move towards making Australia your home.

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