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Parent Visa Application Costs in Australia
Learn everything you need to know about Parent Visa Application
Costs in Australia and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.
Parent Visa Application Costs in Australia
Learn everything you need to know about the Parent Visa Application
Costs in Australia and get end-to-end expert guidance from us.

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Parent Visa Application Costs in Australia

Are you concerned about the parent visa Australia cost? Understanding the financial requirements for bringing your parents to this beautiful country is crucial for many families. This guide aims to shed light on the various expenses associated with different types of parent visas, including the 10-year parent visa Australia, family sponsorship visa Australia cost, and the 5-year multiple entry visa Australia for parents. From government fees to additional charges that might not be immediately obvious, we'll provide you with a comprehensive overview to help you plan effectively. Whether you're considering a permanent move or a long-term visit for your parents, being well-informed about the cost of parent visa Australia is the first step towards making your plans a reality.

Overview of Parent Visa Options in Australia

When it comes to bringing your parents to Australia, there's a variety of visa options available, each designed to suit different needs and circumstances, including the family visa Australia and visa for parents to visit Australia. Understanding these options is key to finding the right path for your family. Here’s a straightforward look at the main types of parent visas on offer:

Temporary Parent Visa

This visa allows parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents to live in Australia temporarily, making it a great option for those considering a parent tourist visa Australia or a visitor visa Australia for parents.

Permanent Parent Visa

For those looking to reunite with their parents permanently, this visa category offers a solution. It requires the Australian child to sponsor their parent, highlighting the importance of family sponsorship visa Australia cost.

Contributory Parent Visa

This option is similar to the permanent parent visa but involves a higher application fee, known as the contributory parent visa cost. The contributory aspect refers to the significant financial contribution towards their future health and welfare costs in Australia.

Each of these visas, including the Australia parent visa and visitor visa for parents, has its own set of requirements, processing times, and costs. By understanding the differences, you can better decide which visa suits your family’s needs and start planning for the exciting journey ahead.

Understanding the Costs of Parent Visa Applications in Australia

Applying for a parent visa in Australia involves various fees, which can vary depending on the type of visa you're applying for, including Australia visa fees. Here's a simplified breakdown of what you might expect to pay for the contributory parent visa cost, cost of parent visa Australia, and other related fees.

Contributory Parent Visa (Offshore) - Visa 143

  • Application Fee: $4,765 for the main applicant and $1,605 for any dependents.
  • Contributory Fee: An additional $43,600 per person is required before the visa is granted, typically requested after health and police checks. This is usually due about 36 months after applying.

Contributory Aged Parent Visa (Onshore) - Visa 864

  • Application Fee: $4,765 for the main applicant and $4,760 for dependents.
  • Contributory Fee: Similar to the offshore visa, a $43,600 fee per applicant is needed before visa approval, after completing health and police verifications.

Aged Parent Visa (Onshore) - Visa 804

  • Application Fee: $4,990 for the main applicant and $2,495 for dependents.
  • Second Instalment: Each applicant must pay an additional $2,065 just before the visa is granted, which could be around 25 years after the application is lodged. This visa does not require a contributory fee.

Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa - Visa 870

  • Application Fee: $1,145 per applicant at the time of application. For a three-year visa, an additional $4,590 per applicant is required before a decision is made, and for a five-year visa, this fee rises to $10,325.

Medical Examination

  • Cost: Around $400 per adult, paid directly to the examining doctor.

Police Checks

  • Cost: This fee varies and is payable to the police authorities in any country where you've lived for 12 months or more.

Translation of Documents

  • Cost: If your documents need translating, this fee is payable to the certified translator or agency handling your documents.

These costs provide a general guide and can change. It's important to check the latest fees and requirements when you're ready to apply for the parent visa Australia cost or visitor visa Australia for parents.

Eligibility Criteria for Parent Visa in Australia

  • Sponsored Parent (Temporary) Visa Holders:
    If you've applied for or have a subclass 870 visa, you can't apply for this visa.
  • Retiree Applicants:
      • Must have held an Investor Retirement (subclass 405) or Retirement (subclass 410) visa on 8 May 2018.
      • Shouldn't have held any other substantive visa from 8 May 2018 to the application date.
      • No need for a balance of family test, assurance of support, or a sponsor.
  • Sponsorship Requirements:
      • Typically, an eligible child sponsors you.
      • If the child is under 18, a relative or community organisation can sponsor.
      • Sponsorship must be approved.
  • Balance-of-Family Test:
      • Required unless applying as a retiree.
      • Pass if half or more of your children live in Australia.
  • Assurance of Support:
      • Needed unless you're a retiree.
      • Proves you won't rely on government assistance.
  • Health and Character Requirements:
      • Must be met by applicants and any family members applying with you.
  • Debt to the Australian Government:
      • Must be repaid or have a formal arrangement to repay.
  • Visa History:
      • Previous cancellations or refusals may affect eligibility.
  • Australian Values Statement:
      • Applicants 18 or older must agree to respect and obey Australian laws.
  • Health Insurance:
    • Required, especially for retirees, until a Parent visa is granted.

In summary, understanding the Parent Visa Application Costs in Australia is essential for families planning to bring their parents over. With a range of visa options available, each with its own set of fees and requirements, it's important to stay informed and plan accordingly. 

For more detailed guidance and to ensure you're making the best decision for your family, contact AECC for expert advice and support. Let us help you navigate through the process smoothly, making your dream of reuniting with your parents in Australia a reality.

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