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How to become an Electrician in Australia?

In Australia, you become an electrician by completing a four-year Australian apprenticeship. To gain your qualification you’ll learn both on the job and at an electrical trade school. During this period, you will work with an experienced electrician or a company and acquire the required skills through everyday tasks under the supervision of your superior. At the end of your apprenticeship, you will be a confident technician who can take up electrical jobs all by yourself. Meanwhile, your certificate course (Certificate II or III in Electrotechnology) will teach you all the electrical theories in the classroom. While you apply for an apprenticeship, employers expect you to be a high school graduate. Initially, you will start with basic weekly pay and it will grow as your experience at work grows. After the completion of your four-year apprenticeship, you become eligible to apply for an electrician licence in Australia. Once you successfully obtain the licence, you can start applying for jobs.  

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