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Skill Migration Point System Improvements

From 1st July, 2018, the pass and pool marks required to apply for 189, 190, and 489 visas will be 65 points. Here are some of the common questions regarding the changes.

What are pass and pool marks?

Pass mark is the points required to be selected after submitting your Expression of Interest (EOI).

Pool mark is the points required to submit your Expression of Interest (EOI).

Can I apply EOI with 60 points now?

No, for any EOI lodged on or after 1st July 2018, you will need at least 65 points.

If I have 65 points and above, do I need to resubmit my EOI?

No, you do not have to resubmit your EOI as it will not be affected with the changes.

I have 50 points on my own for my 489 visa, will I be affected?

Yes, you will be affected as your points will be only 60 even after including 10 points from state/family. Due to recent changes you will need to have least 55 points on your own to be able to submit your EOI for 489 visa.

What if I have already got my invitation with 60 points?

For visa applications lodged in response to an invitation given prior to 1 July 2018, the pool and pass mark remains at 60.

What if I am still waiting for my invitation with 60 points?

If you haven’t been invited, for any EOI submitted before 1st July 2018, you will need to update or submit new EOI with at least 65 points.

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