Pathfinder Webinars

These webinars aim at providing expert guidance for international students in Australia who are on their pursuit of higher education, better career opportunities and permanent residency in Australia. Each of the three webinar categories in Pathfinder focuses on one of the three major facets of studying in Australia – course discovery, university admissions and PR pathways, to help students achieve their career and life aspirations in Australia.

Course Finder

Course selection webinars provide opportunities for international students to understand their different study options to attain their career goal smarter and quicker. These webinars help international students discover courses, admission requirements, institutions, course fee and scholarship, career outcome etc with the help of our consultants.

University Guide

This category of webinars is institution-specific. It aims at being a one-stop solution for international students who are researching a particular institution. This webinar saves a lot of time and effort of students by providing the latest and the most detailed information about a particular university which is difficult to find through internet research. Students can learn in detail the campus information, course delivery models, university rankings, scholarships and promotions, available student support options etc in these interactive webinars with the experts.

Achieve your career goals with the right course this Trimester 3 in Queensland

Tuesday, 8 September 2020.
2:00 – 3:00 pm AEST.


Pathway to PR

PR pathway webinars are tailored for international students who dream to acquire permanent residency in Australia. Attaining PR status could be quick and easy if students make the right study and visa choices with the right guidance. In these webinars, our experts take international students through different visa options and migration pathways which will help students map out their best path to PR.