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Bachelors of Community Services (Social Work)

Social work is a deeply rewarding career if someone is inclined towards this discipline. It deals mostly in uplifting and improving the well being of individuals and community at large. A degree in Social Work makes you competent and trains you on the socio-economic factors and social justice issues that govern individuals and communities. A social worker is also equipped with social research tools and ways to perform research relevant to social work and practices.

If you are disposed to help find solutions to social problems, work towards human rights, social justice, and overall community development then a degree in Social Work is what you must pursue.
Bachelors in Social Work can give students a perspective towards Individual & Community work, Societal Development, Social Research, Ground level Field Work, Social Policy Analysis, and Social Action.

In most universities in Australia, on completion of Bachelors in Social Work, there is an available combination of industry placements and internships as a part of the proposed curriculum.

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Social Work Degree Course Admission Details


Course Duration: 4 years full time


  • IELTS Academic score of 6.0 to 7.0 in all bands or the equivalent. This varies from university to university.
  • Australian Year 12 or International Equivalent. Some require units relating to society, while others might require 60% marks.

Fees & Scholarships
Fees would be approximately in the range of A$24,000 to A$36,5000 per year.

There are scholarships available for selective universities only to deserving candidates, recognizing their excellence in the field and any other significant achievement.

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Social Work Career Pathways

A recognized degree in Bachelors of Social Work gives you an Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) accredited qualification. This entry qualification into the field of Social Work has chalked out to meet the Australian Social Work Education and Accreditation Standards (ASWEAS).

This can set you off a career in local and international non-profit organizations, community centers, hospitals, schools, public and private sector concerns, state government initiatives, etc.

The demand and need for Social Workers in Australia are strong and have been soaring over the last five years and is expected to keep scaling in the coming year. The average annual earnings of a qualified Social Worker is in the range of $55,000-70,000.

PR Pathway course

Social Work is a PR pathway course and falls under the MTSSL list, studying an accredited course from a recognized university will make them eligible to get a positive Skill assessment from AASW. International students can away apply for PR 189 without any Australian state or regional sponsorship. This as one the occupations which are in shortage and many international students in the past have made headway into this profession thereby also making their PR pathway in the country.

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