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Study Psychology and choose from a variety of Careers with PR pathways

A Psychology degree offers a wide variety of possibilities and opportunities as it complements multiple subject areas. It offers students the opportunity for personal growth and to develop skills that translate into different industries. Hence, providing excellent job prospects in a wide range of careers. Occupations such as Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Marketing Specialist, and more are examples.

Even better, these occupations have a PR pathway available for international students!

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Is Psychology right for you?

Psychology is a fascinating study area that examines mental processes and how they affect human behaviour. It helps gain skills that can be applied in both professional and personal capacities.

If you are interested in knowing how people behave, react, and more, Psychology might be the course for you!

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Start a Bachelor or Masters in Psychology as early as this upcoming February 2019!

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Frequently asked questions about studying Psychology in Australia

Australia is one of the top destinations for international students seeking quality education. Not only is it home to world-class universities, cited annually by world university rankings, but your studies here will be recognised internationally.

With the progressive and innovative programs, not only will you learn through the most up to date methods and materials as a student, but you will see Australia’s top-notch education system first-hand that will help you in your career after your course.

  • Diploma of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology
  • Bachelor of Psychology in Business
  • Bachelor of Science (Psychology and Human Resource Management)
  • Graduate Diploma in Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Psychology
  • Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology
  • Master of Applied Psychology
  • Master of Business Psychology
  • Master of Clinical Psychology
  • Master of Counselling Psychology
  • Master of Educational Psychology
  • Master of Psychology
  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology

VET Admission

  • Successful completion of Australian Year 12, or overseas equivalent
  • As low as IELTS score 6.0 overall (no score below 5.5 in each of the component) or equivalent*

Undergraduate Admission

  • Successful completion of Australian Year 12, or overseas equivalent
  • As low as IELTS score 6.0 overall (no score below 6.0 in each of the component) or equivalent*

Post Graduate Admission

  • Successful completion of an Australian Bachelor degree (or equivalent overseas qualification) in a relevant discipline
  • As low as IELTS score 6.5 overall (no score below 6.0 in each of the component) or equivalent*

*These are average scores, certain schools may require higher or lower scores for admission

Visa Requirement

Here are some of the requirements in securing a student visa.

  • A valid passport for the duration of your study in Australia
  • Offer letter from the selected university/institution
  • Evidence of access to sufficient funds*
  • Evidence of Overseas Student Health Cover
  • Other relevant documents listed on the Department of Home Affairs visa checklists.

After completing a Bachelor or Masters in Psychology, you will be able to qualify for registering to become a psychologist with the Australian Psychological Society (APS). Depending on what state you graduated from, there may be slight differences in the registration process, but all requirements are updated frequently on their website.

As a graduate of a Bachelor or Masters in Psychology, you may be able to apply for a Temporary Graduate visa*. Temporary Graduate visa holders can study, stay and work in Australia temporarily after the completion of the studies, depending on qualifications, for eighteen (18) months to two (2) years.

A Temporary Graduate Visa presents an opportunity to gain relevant local work experiences, which may be counted towards Permanent Residency.

*Positive Skills Assessment may be needed.

After completion of a Bachelor or Masters, you can jump into a fulfilling career as a Psychologists and more. Depending on what you studied, you can pursue a career as a Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, and more.

Opportunities are on the rise for Psychologists and Occupational Therapists. According to, Psychologists (16.9% job growth) and Occupational Therapists (26.8% job growth) both have an expected positive job growth.

As of November 2018, graduates of either a Bachelors or Masters in Psychology will be able to apply for PR through the following occupations:

  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Organisational Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Psychologists (Nec)

These occupations are listed in the following skills list:

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