Early Superannuation access for temporary visa holders in Australia.

As a remedial measure to help temporary visa holders stranded in Australia due to COVID19, the government of Australia now allows its citizens and eligible temporary residents to access their superannuation early.  This announcement has come in at the right time, when temporary residents in the country are suffering the loss of jobs, hence struggling

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – Latest updates for international students in Australia

What’s new?   Information on the StudyPerth Crisis Relief initiative Financial support for international students in Victoria Red Cross’ announcement of plans to support temporary visa holders in Australia. Temporary visa holders can now apply for early release of superannuation.   Australia has declared ‘human biosecurity emergency’ to fight the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the

Red Cross support for international students and temporary visa holders in Australia

For international students and migrants on their temporary visa in Australia, the latest announcement from the Red Cross is certainly a relief. On Saturday, the humanitarian organization published on their website that the government of Australia is funding them to help people who are stranded in Australia and are in need of basic necessities like

STEM Degrees List Australia

Best Universities Offering Top STEM Degrees in Australia

Best Universities Offering Top STEM Degrees in Australia Did you know? In STEM, Engineering is the #1 major chosen by students who want to pursue a career in STEM. Students who have studied STEM-related programs are earning 26% more than other students. Why study STEM in Australia? STEM focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Commercial Cookery in Australia

Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia

Why Study Commercial Cookery in Australia? Thousands of international students continue to flock to Australia to study different courses. One of them is commercial cookery. That begs the question, why study commercial cookery in Australia? Here are four reasons why international students study in Australia to become a chef. Booming Hospitality Industry Australia is currently