Top courses to study at Kaplan Business School in 2021

Kaplan Business School Having enrolled  close to 4300 students in 2019, Kaplan Business School achieved the feat of becoming the second biggest non-university business school in Australia. The history of the institution dates back to 1938 when the school’s founder Stanley Kaplan started tutoring students in New York. Since then, the institution evolved in leaps

Top reasons to study at Australian Catholic university in 2021

Over the past two decades Australia has gained high popularity among international students as one of their first choices to study in. It is largely due to the fact that their pursuit of a bright career and high quality of life successfully bears fruit in Australia.  Along with the economic factors that favour immigration, the

Victoria University

Study at Victoria University in 2021

In 2016, Victoria University celebrated its centenary year of exceptional educational service to Australia and to the world. The iconic university of Australia, started as a technical school with 200 students, has become the 56th best young university in the world in 2017. Today it is a dual-sector tertiary education provider with 40,000 students among

Migration planning program 2020-21: Is Regional Migration still a good move?

The most-awaited announcement of Migration Program Planning Levels for the year 2020-21 is out and it has come with quite a few startling changes. Though there is no change in the ceiling of the total 160,000 permanent visa places, the program has been restructured drastically. Here are the highlights of the announcements you may want

Top job ready courses in Australia for international students

If you have been in Australia for quite some time now, you must be aware that higher education choices that Australia offers are plentiful and diverse. In Australia, you have classic higher study choices like Engineering, Medicine, Business Management and there are also rare and interesting courses like Eastern medicine, Theology and Performing Arts. Based

GVEF 2020 – A virtual fair for international students wondering how to get PR in Australia quickly

Attention international students! It’s time to power your dreams in Australia. Obtaining Permanent Resident (PR) status in Australia is inarguably a dream of many international students. The reasons are pretty obvious, aren’t they? If you are aspiring to be a permanent resident of this country, keep reading.  Every year, thousands of skilled international immigrants acquire