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Assessment Levels Simplified for Student Visa

check out the different assessment level for student visa in Australia

Student Visa Assessment Levels

Last week of March, the Department of Home Affairs has simplified Student Visa Assessment Levels, this response to the findings of Student Visa Assessment Level report, released by the Department in October 2013.

  • Assessment Levels 4 & 5 have been removed. This now leaves only three assessment levels 1, 2,& 3.
  • All Countries that were formerly Assessment Level 4 or 5 (E.g. India, Nepal & China) are now AL 3.
  • Assessment Level 3 students now have to show funds for 12 months, instead of 18 Months.
  • Funds for students from Assessment Level 3 countries (such as Philippines and Vietnam) must now be provided by student or a close relative.
  • Previously the student could be sponsored by friends or family.

Above changes to the Student Visa Assessment levels have come in effect for the student applying for a student visa after 22nd March 2014. The changes are not meant to affect Assessment Level 1 or 2 Students.

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